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I can relate to how you feel about being nervous! I don’t think I slept much the night before surgery. I had a right total hip done 7 weeks ago (48 yr old long distance runner/female with hip dysplasia). I had been walking with a cane for 3-4 months prior to surgery and had stopped running this past January. Surgery recovery has been ok for me, the first night after surgery when I was in the hospital was the hardest part and the most painful if I’ll be honest. But after I got home and was in my own environment, things were definitely tolerable and not too bad at all.

I used a walker for one week after surgery, then a cane for two weeks after that. At almost exactly 3 weeks I was walking without a cane. I use a recumbent bike or walking on the treadmill every day and I’m running a little bit now…a few minutes at a time on the treadmill a few times a week. I’m just acting like I’ve never run before and am acclimating my body to it as if it’s my first time running. A couple months after surgery, your body will be your main gauge to let you know when you’ve overdone it, so you’ll need to find a new normal that works for you.

My surgeon has given me permission now to do whatever I want, but he suggested I stay away from high mileage running (full and half marathons) because I want to preserve my other hip from having THR surgery as well. I’m ok with that at this point and just want to get back to running one or two miles a day. Even though you’re nervous, you’ll be fine and you’re going to love your new hip! I know I do. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Good luck and keep us updated!