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Hi DBuzzy – I had this thigh pain that appears on unweighting the THR leg, from about the same time as you and certainly still up to 6 months. As a climber it was very concerning as it was pretty painful after standing on that foot for any length of time, especially since it was in the area where the end of the implant spike would probably be trying to press against the inside of the bone. Physio had no explanation for the pain and I was cleared for running very early, about 6 weeks, and this did not seem to make things worse. Gradually it went away and all seemed well until I overdid things somewhat by racing 5k on the Saturday and walking 12 miles over rough hilly terrain on the Sunday followed by a treadmill session on the Monday – I was limping for a couple of months, and this was at the 18-month stage of recovery, very concerning…
Fortunately the 2 month layoff did the job and I got back into long walks and 5k races with no problems for just over a year, only to break myself again in May attempting Chris Kelsall’s virtual hour race. This time the pain is like an electric shock that makes the leg give way, possibly caused by a nerve being squeezed. Working around it at the moment but wish it would go away for good – it seems strange that I can walk/jog around 40-odd miles of hills and bogs with no problems, other than regular exhaustion, one day but be stopped in my tracks a few hundred yards from home on a gentle warmup a few days later. Good luck with your return to running, see how it goes because you have waited long enough!