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Hi Greg – not crazy….just driven to get back at it:-)

I don’t know your history on recovering from major surgeries. Mine is as follows if helpful to you. Since turning 50 (will be 65 next month) I have had foot reconstruction (bunion/claw toe)…shoulder surgery (torn rotator cuff from falling while playing soccer with my grandson)….broken leg (twist break of the fibula which ultimately lead to my THR 9 years later).

Each time it took about 6 months to fully recover primarily due to the healing of the tendons and ligaments….not the bones. Each time I was warned not to rush the recovery or I might screw things up and the main goal was to get back to competitive running/triathlons.

So each time I found ways to slowly build back and work on form and function verses jumping back into it too quickly. It always seems to take forever when you are in the middle of it, but at the one year mark looking back in seems like it only took a couple of weeks.

I am now almost at the 3 month mark since my THR. I am back biking 150 to 200 miles per week. This past week my son in law and I biked up the Deer creek canyon in Denver 11 miles of solid climbing with over 3000 feet of Elevation topping out at 8300 feet….the hip felt great. I am also swimming 3 miles per week. I am walking 4 to 8 miles per day and doing my 80 step parking lot shuffles with long breaks in between. The main purpose of these is to shift to a mid foot stride to reduce impact of my hip and also prepare my structure for the new alignment so when I do start running again….I don’t screw something else up.

Several of my long time running buddies who have also had THR…..tell me absolutely don’t start running until at least the 4 month mark. These guys include a 2:16 marathoner and the former 50 mile US record holder….pretty credible guys. My surgeon says to hold of til 6 months. The other thing to consider is that racing has been put on hold this year and with winter coming…I live in Wisconsin…..I really can take my time appropriately building back my running so that I am ready next spring.

So, what I am working on right now is getting in good swimming and biking shape and doing the things that will make my transition back to running at the 4 months successful.

Long winded…but hope that helps….keep us posted Tim