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I am now 10 weeks post op from my right hip posterior replacement. I was in good shape going into surgery riding 150 to 200 miles per week on my tri bike. Following hip surgery I used a cane for a couple of weeks and only used Tylenol for pain. The biggest issue is that when I walked my knee wanted to turn inwards going up inclines and steps because of the lack of strength in the glutes following surgery. That is slowly getting better. At 3 weeks I was walking four miles slowly and staring to spin. At five weeks I was back in the pool swimming two to three times per week. Now at 10 weeks I am riding over 100 miles per week, walking 40 and swimming 3. My ability to go up steps is much better. I still keep a small pillow next to my bed in case of pain at night and find that ibuprofen before bed helps get me thru the night. We have tall toilets so didn’t need and attachments and I only used a walker the day of and day after surgery while in the recovery center.