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Hip Brother Tom

Jimmy C puts up a good message for discussion. This site should NOT be just about the successes of runners with hip replacements who have taken up running again and experienced success. It should also be about failed attempts and issues that have complicated the return to running. As the administrator of this site, I don’t censure anything. I take the good and the bad. While there have been no real posts about complete failures, there have been plenty of posts of frustrations with getting back to running. This community of hiprunners works together to offer encouragement and suggestions for those returning to running. There have been several MAJOR hiprunner successes (Dave Whiteside, Felicity Gray and Anders Jelander to name a few – they are our superhuman ultra runners). Regarding Jimmy C’s post, there just isn’t any data to suggest that returning to running is good or bad, so we hiprunners are the experiment. I might also suggest that to protect against liability, it is in the doctor’s best interest to discourage running. Hip replacement technology has improved so much though. A doctor telling you not to run is like a car salesman selling you a new car and telling you not to go faster than 55 miles an hour because its just not safe. Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many, MANY doctors who encourage patients who want to get back to running.

Greg, in response to your post, running with a hip replacement will be different, especially as you start out. You can set your weekly mileage goals but don’t try to run through pain to reach them. Your hip MUST be your guide. If it barks at you, it’s time to take a break. Wait a few days and try again. Eventually, you’ll be moving your mileage goals up and forgetting all about the fact that you had a hip replacement. For me, that was at the 18 month mark. Good Luck!