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Richard Browning

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I’m six months+ out now. I think I’ve been working the area too hard at times. I’ve tried jogging very slowly for 30-sec x 7-12 reps near the end of my walks and I am still suffering too much after. I’m trying it once a week now. I’m finding the elliptical activates the muscles well without causing so much soreness, so I’m doing that, without any resistance, 40 minutes or so, 3-3 days a week. The stability while walking has improved a great deal. I usually walk 90 minutes each mooring, but have done as much as 2:50 several times in the last month. I, too, find the TFL to be the limiter now, and the gluteus medius is still quite weak, as well. The 11 months I was on crutches before the surgery left the injured hip very weak. Best regards, Richard