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Hang In there. I am 17 months post thr. Started running again at about 16 weeks and it went fine for a while but at about 9bmonths I started having similar pai…. Lower back (si joint) front of hip and thigh and just overall pain when trying to run. Had my year checkup which drm confirmed my new hip was perfect. Went back to pt where she thought part of that is scar tissue but also my body still adjusting to a new hip. I have been rolling the front (where scar tissue is) with a lacrosse ball to work that out. I have been using cbd salve though and biofreeze occasionally that helps. When I run now I go by how I feel…. I’ll be honest it’s run and walk when I need to and I’m much slower but I don’t care. I started taking Bayer back and body once a day before the run and that does seem to help. I’ve made it to 9 miles so far. Will be doing 10nthis Friday. Yep it might be a lot of walking but even if it is some running I’m OK with that.

Should I be taking the Bayer if it is only just taking away the pain? I dunno but running is part of my life that I’m not willing to give up. I’ve gotten past the fear of hurting the parts after Dr confirmed at 1 year my new hip is still perfect.

Sorry that was all long but hang in there…I think a lot of us have experienced some of this. #nevergiveup. My motto I live by now.