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TAM, I had bilateral hip replacement surgery 2 1/2 years ago, that first week was brutal for me as well. I couldn’t eat and felt nauseas, so I know what you went through, but on day 7 I was able to walk 5 miles. Like most people on this sight say, you have to be patient with your recovery and listen to your body. Quite honestly I’m not back to running like I did before the replacement surgery, but I kind of switched to biking a lot more. 6 months after my surgery I did a 100 mile mt bike race, and a little over a year later I biked across Australia. I currently bike or run almost every day, and although my hips can get sore on occasion, it’s nothing like the pain that I would experience before surgery. So just adapt to however your feeling, it was hard for me at first as running was always a big part of my adult life, but just be thankful that they have this amazing prosthetic that gives you your life back, or should I say your lifestyle back.