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Richard Browning

Hi Pietro, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I’ve been an avid runner for decades (59 years old, averaged about 113km/week in 2018). I am 21 weeks post-THR, I believe it was a lateral or posterior approach (something I should know!). I am struggling with soreness in the glutes, especially the medius, in particular where it attaches to the femur. I’ve done a lot of rehabilitation exercises and lots of walking (now doing 8k/day) and still haven’t lost the limp. I’m struggling with the idea of jogging a bit. I think that if I begin the way I always do after a layoff, conservative jog/walk intervals for several weeks, that the jogging might help with the abductor weakness in a way that the exercises aren’t. How did you find the evolution of abductor strength — and soreness — when you began jogging? I should add that I was on crutches for nearly a year before surgery, so the atrophy is significant on my operated side. Thanks, Richard