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Hi I’m a new poster to this site.I had my total right hip replaced on 30 Oct 2019. It took me about 3 months before I tried a short run. At 5 months I was doing 3 mile runs several times a week. I was also working out daily. At 6 months I was doing 5 miles and discovered that any thing over that really beat me up. As a test at 7 months I began doing a 1 mile walk and a 2 mile run cycle to see how my body felt. I want to mention that my 2 knees are bad and will require partial knee replacement at some point. So the walk/run plan worked and I completed 9 miles one day. I have done that a few times already and just this weekend completed a Half Marathon using that plan. My hip has been great while running and never an issue. I have used my Theragun on my leg muscles daily as part of my recovery,Love that thing. I have been very happy with my progress and definitely look forward to increasing my distance. Good luck to you and run well.