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Good stuff. I took to cycling during the intervening years of running a lot and the decline. I got into road cycling enough to bang out 100K and a few 100mile rides, but once I got back into running I started thinking that (now 54) at my stage if I have a road cycling accident it would likely be catastrophic, as they typically are, broken bones, concussions etc. Whereas running I was weighing the risk/reward against cycling:

1. Love running (especially once fit) quite a bit more.
2. Rather wear out the hip and have a civilized revision than
3. crash and have a major injury.
4. Time. It takes far less time to see results aerobically, anaerobically and neuromuscularly from running over cycling.

I am not bashing cycling. I keep looking at my bike on the wind trainer thinking that I should get out for a ride…and fantasize about getting cycling fit enough to go on a randonuer or multi-day ride…..spinning is great for complementing on a tired-from-running day.