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Dave Whiteside

Hi Buzz,
I prefer more of a minimal/normal shoe. I’ve tried Hoka’s and other shoes with a large cushion and I didn’t like them. I would develop hot spots on my feet and would feel like I was rolling in them. I run races up to 100 miles and do perfectly well on them. I’ve ran in On Running, Altra’s, Newtons and other. I also prefer something like a 4mm drop on my shoes, and nothing heavier than 9 ounces. I think some of it depends on your gait, how far ahead your feet land rather than under you head and cadence. I try to keep a 174+ cadence on slow runs up to 190+ on short distance races. I also run 4 miles barefoot on the beach with no issue. Strength, flexibility type training I think also helps. I would try what you used to run in and only change if they are not working for you. A lot of companies, especially local stores, have a 30 day guarantee where you can take them back and exchange them if they don’t work. Hope that works. This weekend I’m running 60 miles of bridge repeats for my 60th birthday.