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Hi lalveyevv.

Congrats on your surgery and great recovery. I will defer to Hipbrother Tom’s wise advice – be patient and listen to your body. Five months is still pretty early in the overall healing process.

I’m 66 years old now. I had mine over two years ago and still notice new improvement. I too had an anterior approach and had considerable numbness throughout my thigh. After two years most numbness is gone but some will probably never go away. I started back running after 9 months. My body was probably not ready at that time though. I had lingering pain around the hip capsule during running. While it didn’t get worse it was worrisome. What has helped me are the hip and glute strengthing exercises. After two years my new hip feels like “my own”. Strength, rang of motion and flexibility are as as good as my other hip and better than I ever expected. Running on the new hip is great, it’s the rest of my body that gives me problems now.

I’m a huge Hoka fan. The Clifton has been my favorite. The cushion and slight rocker fit my needs beautifully.

Don’t let the worry get you down. Keep doing what you can do and be patient with your hip. It will come together in time.