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Hi Ben, are you in the UK? Don’t worry about long posts, it’s all good information for the prospective and recent patient. My Zimmer ceramic THR will be 3 years old in May. At 5 days my leg was like a treetrunk (log-leg as others describe it), full of fluid and bruising, and walking with 2 crutches was slow and painful. Before 6 weeks was out I had run my first 5k in relative comfort, albeit slowly. It is a very steady recovery day-on-day, I used my Garmin to log my daily efforts and walked or indoor biked every day a bit further and usually faster. I’m twice your age so I don’t have the worry about the life of the implant, plus ceramic will not wear out anyway!
This time next week the pain will have gone, hopefully, and you will be surprised just how much better things become. Keep walking!

Pete, in Leicester