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I had a Rt THR on July 5 2018 the day after struggling to finish a 4th of July goodbye 5k on my old arthritic hip. I took 6 months off of running to allow for full healing but did lots of fast walking. My orthopedic does not recommend running at all but my regular doctor said I could run at races so I decided to allow myself to do at most one race a month if I could find one I wanted to do. So I’ve done quite a few races and usually run 5k’s without stopping and did two of them at around 30 minutes. Felt good to run fast. For 10k’s I do a 3 minutes jog and 30 sec walk and that works out good. Have yet to do that at a half marathon but have two planned soon. Did walk a half in 4hours with a girlfriend last year. In-between my races I do fast walking at around a 15 min/mile pace. Hip is holding up fine. Great to move without pain. Don’t know how my “cup” of my THR is doing but I’ll find out later. I’m not heavy so I cant be putting that much pounding on it. I have been marathoning for years prior to my THR so I think I have muscle memory to be able to run well at races. Feels so good when I’m in my running groove. After you heal, just listen to your body. Don’t overdo but keep on moving. Good luck! Hip runners unite cuz most orthopedists out there would rather we not run. FYI, Dr Mikulak, yes Sam’s dad, told my friend to do what she likes including running and to call him when she thinks she needs another one.