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Dave Whiteside

Hi Ben, you have to be comfortable with whatever decision you make, but it’s yours to make. All we can tell you is our experience and most of us writing here are doing so because we’ve had good outcomes. There’s no guarantee but technology and materials have got a lot better and will continue to. I had my hip replaced 10 years ago and run over 2,000 miles a year, but yes I’ve had some injuries with the hip area, but not the actual replacement. If I do too much speed work, it will make my hip sore. I’ve learned to listen to my body and back off so I can run another day. I’ve just completed a 100 mile race and finished 9th out of 173 runners and my hip wasn’t a factor, nor has it been in many other ultras I’ve ran. I’ve never regretted my decision and often wish I had done it earlier, hopefully you’ll feel the same. Good luck. Dave.