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Hi there. I’m an ultra distance runner. I put up with my right hip for 3 years before I had my THR in April 2012. Funnily enough like you it was the other hip ( the left one ) that needed done first. I was running again by the beginning of July that year slowly at first after the 12 week healing period. It was at least a good 18 months before I was fully comfortable although I can honestly say after the op of which I was initially terrified to have in case it stopped me from running, I wished I’d had it done long before. So when it came to the right hip needing done I didn’t hesitate and had the right THR in April 2014. From then on I’ve never looked back. I run most days in the region of 8-10 kms. I’ve done a few half marathons but haven’t attempted anything longer ….. yet.
I would tell you to go for it, & get your quality of life back. The majority of us on this site still run. Although done surgeons will tell you not to, they don’t actually have any long term proof that it can harm the prosthesis. I hope this info can settle your mind. Good luck and let us know how you go.