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I had my hip replaced due to dysplasia last january and have had a year of continued knee and shin pain.
Surgeon told me i had zero leg length discrepancy.
Finally in dec i went rivate and saw a podiatrist who told me i have quite a large length difference! I now have orthotics which are helping but stillneed so.e tweaking. It is such a complex thing having a hp. Niavely i told myself it would be a “plug in and play” situation. Boy how wrong was i!! Ive been trying to get back to running in spits and spurts so i was most delighted to have read about a guy completing a 100 miler. I miss running ultras having done multi-days, 100 milers and 24hr races.
I’m lucky if i can get a week’s running to the some of what would be a mid distance run in the past
I intend to continue striving to get stronger physically amd mentally (boy how it has affected me emotionally….been a right rollercoaster), to return to the best running ability i can