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I’m 73 year old female 4 months post R THR and 9 months post L THR and started a self-created walk-run program in early December. I did 5 min jogs/5 min walks working up to 40 minutes total then started to decrease the rest intervals until I reached 5 min jog/2 min walking. A few days ago I finally graduated to one continuous 20 minute run at a very slow pace. All of this has been outdoors on flat terrain since I live where it’s warm. I did the run/walks every other day or even every 3rd day and intermittently used an elliptical to help build cardio back up. It’s been a struggle but I’m determined to get back to regular running. I occasionally get some left hip flexor pain afterwards but otherwise no issues other than I’m out of shape. I’ve also gotten back to two 30 minute strength training sessions a week. Any suggestions re further progression?