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Hi. I had this, at 19 months (a year ago), where pain towards outside mid-thigh stopped me running for two months. Had been running well, had been out in the hills and mountains with few problems, but this killed running absolutely. Biking and walking were ok, like you. Tried to get an MRI from my insurer, they wanted me to see a physio instead so I did neither. Two months was enough, running became possible and long days in the hills seemed to fix the problem completely. My ceramic/ceramic hip is now stronger than my resurfaced one, which shows on Garmin and Wattbike data, and is good for running 2 hrs plus and 24:30 5k races – slowish because I last ran sub-18 about 30 years ago…
Get the rest, see how it goes, hope you respond in the same way.

Cheers, Pete