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Greetings Robert,

First of all, best wishes Friday!!! I’m sure it will go well for you. Recovery is going well and again the information from all of the posts here have been spot on.

Most of all it is easy to overdue it and when you do it sets you back a day or two. Not to worry as long as your not doing anything that your surgeon restricted…..running jumping etc. PT is gold!!! I feel better every time I do it and have noticeable improvements each day. I’m already doing yard and house work with no issues. Just stay hydrated and take frequent breaks.

My surgeon told me early on that 3 weeks out I’d wake up one day and feel more like myself. He was spot on!!! Monday was exactly 3 weeks and by the time I was done with my morning PT, I was walking normally and without my cane. Like I said before, first three days weren’t great but certainly manageable as long as you have someone to help you with those random things we take for granted… like putting on your shoes. Afterwards it’s pretty much up to you how quickly your recovery goes. Take it easy, do PT religiously and ice constantly.

I definitely don’t regret getting it done and it certainly went better than expected. If your worried about pain …don’t!!! I would describe it as mostly just soreness, stiffness and a general heavy feeling in your leg. And I was pretty much cutting my pain meds in half. Finally, over the last few days I’ve noticed some tightness from my outer thigh down to my knee. According to some of the posts here that’s the IT band getting inflamed or just tight. I’ve been doing stretches for it and it’s helping. Best of luck to you and let us know how it goes.