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Hi! I had a THR on May 6th at 49 yrs old. Prior to developing hip issues I was a very enthusiastic runner competing in races of all distances and ran at least 1-2 marathons a year. I had bilateral FAI surgery 3 years ago to try to preserve my hips but it did not work on the right hip. After struggling to run with continued pain, I lost the battle and had to have a conversion to THR. My initial recovery was rough. I had a lot of pain in my buttocks when bearing weight. I could not walk normal until I started physical therapy at 5 weeks post-op. I’m now approaching 6 months post-op and I still see my PT every other week. I am running 2x a week but on an anti-gravity treadmill at 85-95% body weight for a total of 3 miles. I’m still walking for a minute here and there too. I get pretty sore from running and ice afterwards. The first time I ran, I had terrible pain in my thigh over top of the implant. My surgeon said it was my bone flexing over top of the implant. He said it will go away in time and to take anti-inflammatories. He was right. I’m slowly working up to running at 100% body weight. It’s definitely been a slow process that I can’t force. Perhaps with more time and strengthening you will make some progress. Good luck to you.