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Hi sean how great it is to hear from someone suffering from the same issues as me!
I had a anterior thr on jan 3rd this year after findimg out i had dysplasia.
Im 48 now and have suffered with hip pain for many years.
Previous to the operation i had been running for 18 years with the final six years doing ultras up to 100 milers or 24hr races.
Anyhow, after 6 months of extensive rehab sean i was still suffering with pain in my knee, shin and sides of shin.
I decided to get my gait analysed and go with orthotics which i initially got my knee better but set off my peroneal muscle. I had my orthotics tweaked which has now also reproduced the knee and shin pain. I’m trying toget back running by doing ginger very short runs up to 2.5 miles depending on how the leg feels. I am at a loss where to go with this. I desperately want to be pain free after so many years and running again