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My THR was in 2015 I was a very active 39. I suffered hip flexor and IT Band pain for over a year before I found a place that could help with the pain, normal physical therapy was not helping, massage was not helping, nothing helped. What I found was a postural restoration therapy center (it is physical therapy). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I went in for my initial evaluation at like a level 7 for pain and after only a couple exercises during that eval left at a level 2 in pain. I was so relieved. It took some time and work to get to zero pain in my hip flexor (that was my major concern) but so worth it, I now have zero trouble and if I do tweak it I know immediately what I can do to help myself out. My IT band is a slightly different matter, it almost always stays tight but I have exercises there that help relieve some of the tightness so that is still a work in progress but doesn’t prevent me from doing anything. I suggest looking at postural restoration for anyone who hasn’t had success with normal physical therapy or if you relapse into pain.