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Hey Will. Thanks for the response. Great to hear you are doing well. I too am in decent shape 5’9″ and weigh around 200 lbs. Have stayed active even through this hip. I put about 150 miles/week on my road/mountain bike every week. Also do some crossfit and upper body work.

That is great to hear that pain was no greater than a 5. I have a high pain tolerance, probably from dealing with this hip since I was 40. My situation is just like yours was, most times my hip is ok and sometimes even feels pretty good, and then I can get brought right back down to earth when I wake up and it has flared horribly. And I mean horribly. I could have gone on a 25 mile bike ride the day before, and the next day I can barely stand/sit/walk and the worst thing of all, sit on the toilet. I literally move like a 90 year old man. I take that back because my grandfather is 90 years old and moves much better, lol. The bad thing is these flares used to happen every 3 months or so but are becoming far more frequent

I retired from the Santa Clara County Sheriiff’s Department November of 2018 with 30 years on, I started at 21 years old. I still come back and work extra help for them but basically in a Control station within the jail. It’s great because I no longer have to deal with a lot of the BS that comes with the job. The last 2 years I have been trying to get to retirement to get this hip done. My surgeon said, while looking at my X-Ray from when I was 40, that he would have performed the surgery then if I so chose to. It’s tine, I know it, and I’m so done with letting this hip pain affect my daily life. Can’t put in socks, shoes, or cut my toenails easily. I’m sure you were at that point too.

My buddy, who is 54, had his right hip done as well. He had it done 5 months ago. He said that when he woke up his hip pain was inmediately gone. He said that he had pain from the surgery of course, but it was in no way as bad as the pain encountered from the arthritis. He said that he immediately knew that he had made tne right decision and wished he would have done it 10 years prior. And he had the Posterior approach which is a more extensive procedure involving precautions. I am having the anterior and as you well know, easier recovery and no precautions.

I am 11 days away and go through moments of excitement of knowing that I am finally going to rid of this lousy hip, and then I start to think if every little aspect of the surgery and go through moments of dread and near panic, lol. I know the fears are completely irrational. I just want them to just knock me out and get on with the surgery. Lol, it’s kind of hard to stress about it any longer when you are knocked out. Once I awake from the surgery and begin that first walk down the hallway on my new hip, I’m sure I will feel great and be sooo relieved. I’ve set a goal for myself to be back in the control box at work in 3 weeks. Ive bet my buddies that I would make that goal, and I plan to. It’s great because it is really no more than a desk job with no threat of physical confrontations that could possibly injure or damage the hip. Just gotta be able to walk my butt to the station and plop down. Hopefully you will get back to your job in the 6 weeks you plan on. Hopefully you can knock out the treadmill. Like some other posters have said. That treadmill is kind of crazy. I believe that half the people in my department could not do that with healthy hips. I’m not kidding, we have some pretty overweight people that I can’t believe have let themselves go to that degree. I graduated the academy at 180 lbs and am currently between 195 to 200 lbs. I feel pretty good about that. I think when I get all healed up I’m gonna make a push to get back around the 180 mark. Thanks for your response and let me know how you are doing at the 3 week mark.