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In answer to your question about the worry of wearing out the bearing materials, for me it is both yes and no. I have a metal/metal resurfacing from 5 years ago and a ceramic/ceramic THR nearly 30 months old. I know this bearing will not wear out, but I do have concerns about the metal stem in the femur, not being as mechanically perfect as the resurfacing. The metal bearing will wear with use, and some people are sensitive to the metal ions being released, but this can be detected by 3-yearly blood tests (fine at the moment). Both of these concerns have stopped me upping mileage to previous levels (marathons and ultras) but like Michael have carried on with parkruns and shorter races up to 10 miles with no problems.
I reckon you might be lined up for a ceramic/cross-linked polythene bearing, which seems to be the best price/performance device nowadays. The polythene wears very slowly, should last at least 20 years, and should be replaceable. What I think you don’t want is a cemented stem (Exeter hip?) like my sister-in-law has recently had, she seems to have been told not to run or do impact exercise.
Full disclosure – I am nearly 69, so unlikely to wear anything out in the rest of my active life, at your age I can appreciate your concerns. Your surgeon is the person who could reassure you, the hospital has to cover themselves…
Good luck, and keep us updated,