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Due to genetic arthritis, 5 years ago I had a THR right hip. The first ortho told me I’d never run again. I went for a second opinion and was told as long as I keep my muscles strong I could run but not over due. Example lots of marathons. Since then, I’ve run numerous 5k’s, my first half, And three 10 milers.
Now, I’m 63-1/2, and just had my left hip done, again due to arthritis. Three weeks post op tomorrow. Both were posterior to lessen the likelihood of nerve damage (I did research as to which way was better and why).
Different surgeon, for distance convenience and am extremely pleased with the outcome. I’m told to keep my muscles active and strong and I will be
Running by spring!!!

Good luck to you! Get a second opinion and keep up with the preop muscle-strengthening exercises. You’ll be ruining again if that is what you truly want!!