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Stephen, I started running (ish) again after about 8 weeks. The approach I took was that I would take the dog for a walk to a park and once at the park I would shuffle/run 10 steps and then walk for a minute or so and then repeat until I had shuffled/ran about 10 times. The following day I would shuffle/run 11 steps, 10 times and so on until I got to 25 steps and then I discounted the number of steps and would shuffle/run for a minute and then walk recover. After a while I was running a few minutes non stop and then decided that in May I would run 1k non stop, June 2k, July 3k etc, however by the time July came around I could actually run 5k, so I did. Everyone is different but be careful of changing your running style to pose/forefoot, as usually recommended for hip replacements, as it often results in calf injury, as it did for me and will set you back. However I do recommend a midfoot landing on cushioned shoes such as Hoka’s. Good luck and I hope it all goes well for you.

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