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I know that it’s going on two months since your procedure. But I just wanted to add what my experience was a couple of years ago. I had post-op pain and swelling in my knee, and just a little bit in my ankle. But because of post-op pain meds…it didn’t become apparent until several days after the procedure. At my first follow-up with the surgeon I mentioned it to him. He apologized, and explained that the first thing the surgeon does is to dislocate your hip so that your leg can be held in a certain position while he/she does the work. Once the new device is completely installed, the last thing he/she does before closing you up is purposely try to dislocate the artificial hip to make sure it’s all together properly. But…all that twisting and cranking of your leg, he said, frequently causes pain in the knee and ankle joints that can last from a day to a week or so.