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Hi Adrian – impressive! Top half of the field so soon after your op, you must be very chuffed. I looked at the results to see how 70-74 age group performed, as I am coming up to 69 but can’t swim freestyle yet, and they are not that far away from my running and biking performances. Swimming is hard, though, and I don’t enjoy it particularly…
I have a BHR resurfacing L hip from 2014 and a THR ceramic/ceramic R hip from 2017, both times I was back to parkrun and biking within 8 weeks and have managed sub-24 minutes for 5k a couple of times, currently around 25 mins due to offroad projects in Wales and Derbyshire spoiling racing speed…
Good luck in future events – have you come across Alan Lightfoot? He has a BHR and competes triathlon, he contributes to the Surfacehippy website, as do I.