First Ever HipRunner Group Run – Please Join Us!

You don’t have to be fast.  I just want to bring the HipRunner’s together to run FOR THE FIRST TIME AS A GROUP in Christopher Kelsall’s “Global One-Hour Race”.  Let’s do this people!

Here are the details….

Hey Folks,

The Global One-hour Virtual Race window opens tomorrow, Friday, May 1 and closes Sunday, May 17.  For team name, enter “The Hip Runners”.

Race for 60-minutes (fulfill that unforgiving hour with 60 minutes run) and submit your time via Strava or similar app. Proceeds go to the Mustard Seed Food Bank.

$5 to race. Results published at Athletics Illustrated.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      You don’t have to be fast.  I just want to bring the HipRunner’s together to run FOR THE FIRST TIME AS A GROUP in Christopher Kelsall’s “Global One-Ho
      [See the full post at: First Ever HipRunner Group Run – Please Join Us!]

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      Starts Tomorrow – get a team in. The HupRunner team.

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      Dave Whiteside

      I’m in! Let’s go team “The Hip Runners”

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      Thanks for signing up HipRunner Dave. That’s three of us. Just need two more to have a team.

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      The Team is submitted!!

      Including me, we have five. Looks like I am running for three teams: Prairie Inn Harriers, TNLW (a secret, late night, beer-drinking team that runs Tuesdays) and HipRunners.

      So we have five….woot.

      The window opened today and will close Sunday, May 17 at 9:00 pm EST, 6:00 PM PST or 2:00 AM on the 18th GMT.

      The global one-hour virtual race

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      Hi Chris – I shall sign up as a Hiprunner, I even did a precautionary hour this morning as my current limp was absent (not far enough to be worth recording, unless I break again in the next fortnight). Is it possible to enter multiple runs if you can actually improve, or would that require a separate entry each time?

      Cheers, Pete

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      Results are starting to trickle in….you can bump your own result until the 17th of May: Results are starting to trickle in, slowly. They are bumpable until the 17th, meaning one can submit another performance…..

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      Dave Whiteside

      Talking about bumping, I just bumped Tom down to third, sorry Tom.

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      Jacek NS

      Today I have attempted an hour run. Unfortunately, after about 35 minutes there was pain in the upper buttock, groin area and outer thigh. With each kilometer it intensifies so that from 45min there is a fight with pain instead of fatigue. If I run no faster than 4.50 / hour km, I can run without any pain.
      Regards Jacek.

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      Sorry to hear this. I know that when I wrack up the volume or intensity – especially the intensity I can feel it in and around the same area. I think it must have more to do with the fact that the surgery side is atrophied and it will take time to build strength back up.

      Now the prosthetic has no feeling, so I think unless you feel something in the femur so deep into the mid-thigh, so break or stress in the bone, then it is just soft tissue and you will heal. But of course if it persists take the advice of someone who is a professional who has looked at an x-ray.


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