First 50K: hip and hot

Santiago Peak (turnaround) from Modjeska Peak. We got to climb Modjeska twice.

Howdy! Quick race report from my biggest distance to date: the Harding Hustle, near Irvine CA.

Course was on rocky roads, with ~10K’ elevation change. Hip was just fine – strong and stable as always, both on the up and the down. Full range of motion. Smooth downhill technique was good to focus on, to minimize pounding over the 15-mile return. The real challenge was the heat – at least mid 90s by the time I finished.

Takeaways: I don’t think too much about the new hip now when I run, but I do continue to think about form: are things moving evenly and smoothly? I think one thing that led to the one hip needing replacement was uneven and unbalanced motion somewhere in the system that accumulated over time, unnoticed until it started to cause pain that won’t go away.

Weight training since recovery has been huge for me, for regaining strength and protecting joints—and I highly recommend it. I’m not the fastest runner out there, but I’m grateful to be able to travel various distances over rough terrain at any speed, pain-free (except for sore feet!). Cheers, everyone!

—THR (anterior), 2016, age 50 :: re-started running at 6 mos post surgery

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      Howdy! Quick race report from my biggest distance to date: the Harding Hustle, near Irvine CA. We signed up for this as a training run, ‘cos the logis
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      Hip Brother Tom

      If you are anything like me, you enjoy the challenge and the beauty that these kinds of races provide. When it was time for my hip replacement, that was a motivating factor for my recovery… get back out there and enjoy that experience. The picture is worth a thousand words. It’s not just about the beauty. It’s about the fact that YOU….a runner with a hip replacement…..still get to experience it. Thanks for the great post!

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      Dave Whiteside

      Hi Carolyn, I’ve been following your progress on Strava and not only amazed at your photographs, but also your progress over the last several months. You’re certainly dedicated to your running and I’m sure you’ll go on to run many more ultras. Perhaps one day we’ll toe the start line at the same race. I don’t have the elevation changes you have, but I know from my bridge runs how tiring they can be so congratulations on your great achievement. Dave

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