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I finally pulled the trigger, I am getting resurfaced on Wednesday by Dr. James Pritchett.  A BHR device is what he recommends for me ( older male marathon runner) .
In prep for the Surgery I have been running 6 miles / day .. funny that as Surgery day
approaches, I think my hip feels a little better. I’ve been hurting a long time and I know this is just temporary, but it does play with your mind.

My recovery goal is to run the Boston marathon, one more time. It will take time I know, hoping to qualify in 2018 and run in 2019 event.

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      I finally pulled the trigger, I am getting resurfaced on Wednesday by Dr. James Pritchett.  A BHR device is what he recommends for me ( older male mar
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Congrats on the decision! You won’t be disappointed! Staying in shape prior to surgery and setting goals for your post surgery return are 2 indicators that you will bounce back and be running again. There will be some downtime while the surgery site is recovering where you will think you are not making enough progress. In those times keep your head up and stay optimistic (I think you already know this) each day will get better and better. You will be running Boston again.

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      Good Luck for tomorrow, Dr Pritchett is one of the resurfacing hero surgeons and you will have every chance to run marathons again. Just be careful in the first three months or so…

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      Thanks guys for your encouragement, knowing that you went through this and came out the other side still able to run, is very reassuring …getting nervous surgery is tomorrow AM

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      It’s Done. Things went very well, I have the incision…. the right of passage…which shows I am now officially in the club and like a teenager showing off their new tattoo, I am actually very proud of it.
      So far, I couldn’t be happier with my decision, or the results (resurfacing procedure , Dr. Pritchett at the ProOrtho clinic in Kirkland).
      A short update… The surgery I had was very quick, and done as out patient, what I call drive thru Surgery, Check In at 6:30 am Surgery at 7:30 am and they normally discharge at 10:00 am ( I had urination problems complications from the spinal block, so they kept me a few extra hours before releasing me). Even-though things happened very quickly, I really felt I got good, professional quality care, they are very well organized and having the knowledge and experience of doing so many of these, the whole staff knows what to expect.
      I am currently recovering at home, and doing really well. No pain meds other than a little Tylenol, the first couple days, walking around some today ( it’s day 3 and the swelling is going down) without crutches.

      Reading many of your posts has been very helpful and comforting to see whats ahead and what to expect on my recovery journey.

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      Recovery going pretty well so far… I had BHR Surgery on 8-23-17 so far no narcotics only two Tylenol pills. Was discharged with a catheter, because I had trouble urinating after the spinal Block.
      Day 2 …not so good…wife removed catheter, as per nurses instructions, it did not go well !, I was bleeding for about a day after, it really hurt every time I peed, but it distracted me from the pain in my leg. It took a day for my urine to clear up, better now…note to self …when when wife and surgery nurse are talking, no matter what I am feeling from the anesthesia , its a bad idea to have things done at home …better to leave to the professionals , even if it means driving back the next day.
      Day 3 got rid of the crutches ..limp around the house ..can do most things in short burst, like cooking etc
      by leaning on the counters
      Day 5 swelling started to go down, I went to my running Group at night and walked 1.5 miles.
      Day 7 swelling gone down a lot …walked 2.5 miles at running group . Averaging about 2 miles/day now
      Day 9 Post surgery follow up, Dr. he removed bandage over incision, took X-ray (the BHR implant angles are good) Dr. gave me a prescription for PT (limited to 90 deg and 30 rotation) I can bathe in 1.5 – 2 weeks
      Day 10 Swelling gone ..feeling pretty good, walking about 2-3 miles per day, getting faster. no running yet

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      Day 12 Went to the Oregon Road Runners Club (ORCC) Greenways 10K today. With the family
      I knew there was no way I could run this one, so I planned to walk it. I promised my daughter her a favorite milkshake if she could beat me. She confidently pulled away at the start and was thrilled to beat dad.
      At Mile 5.7, I was feeling pretty good and couldn’t resist the urge to run a little so I ran the last half mile and across the finish line. My wife was yelling at me to stop and said she would sequel on me at the next DR visit

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