Dave – 7 Minutes to Injury Free Running for Hip Runners

So if you’ve followed my posts over the last 5 years, you know I’ve enjoyed my share of ups and downs. Luckily more ups than down, along with great results I’ve met many new friends and pushed the boundaries of what I thought possible. I have another post I’m in the middle of writing but thought this was too important not to share it with you. I’ve been injured with various injuries since my Ultra last September and I have an upcoming marathon in Portland in October. I had only been running about twice a week, probably around 5-6 miles, and even in those runs I’ve had to stop due to my hip, rest and then start again. So how was I going to run a marathon in 11 weeks. I’ve rested, taken time off, yoga once a week, kept fit riding my ElliptiGo bike, swam, followed a healthy diet etc., but nothing was getting me past a couple of miles. When I was injured about 3 years ago and ended up having to take a year off, I went to the gym and did strength training and stretches and was able to return to running faster than before.


So one day I was doing something and I saw an ad for a 7 minute workout and how they can help you get a 6 pack etc., no I don’t believe the hype, but I thought it could help me get stronger. So I downloaded a bunch of apps and started doing between 3 and 5 of these 4 mornings a week while I’m down in Miami to build strength and flexibility. After about 3 weeks I saw my run on our Sunday morning Triathlons get better, now I was able to run 4 miles only stopping once and the following week without stopping. The week later not only did I run 4 miles without stopping, I started to see my cadence improve and my speed increase, it was the best I had ran for almost a year. The following day I worked from home as we had a tropical storm pass through and I didn’t want to drive through it and after it passed I went for a run on Monday evening, I ran 6.2 miles without stopping and without my hip hurting, without doubt these workouts that I’ll describe were working for me. The following Saturday I left my house on a Saturday morning, after a few drinks the night before, not feeling like a long run but knowing I should at least try as the marathon is getting closer. It was around 9am, in the low 80’s, with very high humidity and plenty of sunshine, a typical Florida day. I had also been reading the book “Primal Endurance” so I left without breakfast to escape my Carbohydrate dependency and set out to run no more than 123 heart rate (180 – age) for fat burning training. Armed with just a 20 ounce hand held filled with Tailwind (which I strongly recommend rather than a Gatorade type drink) I set off. I ran down to the beach and then headed south along the beach, it was hot but at least a little sea breeze. I ran for an hour and a half before I ran out of the drink and then headed to the road to get some water and then came back. I was out for 3 hours, 10 minutes, I ran 14.18 miles and my hip felt fine. So now to cut to the chase, what are the apps and how do I use them?


I downloaded a bunch of free apps, yes all of these apps have 100% free options in them, you can pay for more but you don’t need to. Everything I’ve done is with the free basic app, they all have extra programs you can pay for but there is no need. I downloaded more but these are the one’s I settled on, I have an iPhone but I assume they are all available on Android. Also they don’t need any equipment, so you can do these anywhere. I would turn off the notifications otherwise they keep sending you a message to remind you to workout, for me I don’t need the reminder.


Sworkit – I do either the Strength, Full Body or the Stretching, Full Body for 7 minutes. If you don’t like a particular exercise you can hit next and it will swap it with another exercise and keep the same time. I set mine for 7 minutes and they have 2 30 second breaks programmed into that which I usually skip. You could of course select 8 minutes and take the break to get a 7 minute workout. If I’m doing 4 or 5 consecutive workouts or I’m feeling sore, I will do the stretching full body workout that has a lot of good exercises for the hips, I tend to skip every other of the shoulder exercises and just split the 30 seconds between the one they are doing and the one I skipped.


Sworkit Lower Body – I do the Killer Hips workout every time. I think this is key to help build up the muscles for running. Again I do the 7 minute version of this with no break. Make sure you have a bottle of water to drink between the different workouts.


Perigee Seven – 7 minute full body work out. I probably do this one most days and it reminds you if you don’t as you may lose a heart. It’s just their way to motivate you to keep doing it. If you skip an exercise in this app it doesn’t replace it with another so if there’s one you can’t or don’t want to do, just do a different exercise.


Fitify Bosu – Full body workout. This is the only one that actually requires any equipment, a half Bosu ball which I picked up on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond for a real cheap price. This intensifies some of the workouts as you have to balance more as you exercise. I think this works my abs the hardest.


Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout. If I’m doing 5 exercises then I include this one, I would do a strength, stretch, strength, hip and then finish with a strength.


I’ve continued to make good progress and have been doing a 10 mile run on Tuesday, a long run on Saturday up to 20 miles, and doing a fast 4 mile run in our Sunday triathlon’s and maybe one other run during the week if I feel good. I don’t think my hip is quite 100% yet but I’m glad to be back running and looking forward to the Portland Marathon on October 8th. It probably won’t be a Boston qualifying time but given where I was a short while ago I was concerned if I could do it walking within the cutoff time.


I’m writing this as Hurricane Irma pushes north heading towards our house on the west coast near Tampa, luckily it wobbled more north during the day and it should pass us on the east and be weaker than expected. I also fell of my ElliptiGo bike 2 weeks ago when it was wet and bruised my ribs pretty bad, I was amazed when the x-ray said nothing was cracked. I’m back running again now but have missed 2 weeks of training and my 7 minute workouts, I plan to start those again this week. I hope you try these and let me know how they help you, I think they would also help pre-surgery.

That’s me on the right in the blue shorts, beginning to look like a runner again.


We’re back home no, 2 days after Irma. No power, but we are safe and the house only had minor damage. We were lucky, it could have been a lot worse.

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      Dave Whiteside

      So if you’ve followed my posts over the last 5 years, you know I’ve enjoyed my share of ups and downs. Luckily more ups than down, along with great re
      [See the full post at: Dave – 7 Minutes to Injury Free Running for Hip Runners]

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      Sandra Riffkin

      I am so amazed and inspired by what you have achieved since hip replacement. I have disavowed running since my diagnosis of arthritis in the hip last year. I have done 1 marathon and about 14 half marathons. Started running at about 36. I will have bilateral hip relacement in november. I am 51. I am searching the internet trying to prepare. Thank you for sharing your experience so far.

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      Howdy! It sounds like you’re doing great and that speed and strength are improving. We’re also all glad that you escaped serious damage from Irma, and hope the power comes back soon.

      I have not tried any of these short-workout fitness apps but I have heard good things from others about them. The nice thing is that you don’t need to go to a gym or (in most cases) buy special equipment. And you’re doing a potpourri of exercises so it seems very well rounded.

      I don’t use these apps, but I re-started weight training 2 months after my THR on the doc’s strong recommendation — mostly legs, but all free weights and so there’s a lot of core and balance involved, 2-3 times a week for about an hour each time. Not only do I really enjoy it (I used to lift but stopped several years ago), I have noticed a definite difference that the weights have made. I run only trails and unpaved roads, and most are various flavors of rocky, sandy and steep. Stronger muscles around the joints — especially the hips — have protected them and made them more stable; I really notice this on downhills. Although uphills still always feel slow, there is more power in the legs.

      I am signed up for a marathon in Death Valley in December. The strength and endurance should be fine; it’s the pacing that is the real challenge for me. Thanks for the report and app review, I hope others find this to be another validation of the importance of strength training. Cheers!

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      Dave Whiteside

      Good luck with your recovery Sandra. Do as much as you can in preparation and I believe it will make your recovery easier. Take it east post op for at least 6 months. I’m positive you will be able to return to running half marathons and more.

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      I live in niceville fl/had both hips totally replaced.
      Anyone in my area to run with?

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      Dave Whiteside

      I don’t know of any Hip Runners in that area but I’m sure there are groups you can join. Checkout http://www.MeetUp.com and see what’s available.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      That’s funny Dave. I found a mega-shred workout that I am incorporating into my routine as well. It is a short, high intensity workout. Thanks for the app suggestions. I am going to download them! Great idea. Also I saw on FB that the house was ok. So glad for you. Keep us posted on your Portland run and best of luck to you.

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      Dave Whiteside

      Good luck on the marathon, what’s the temperature like there in December? We’re going to have to arrange a Hip Runners Race that we can get a bunch of people to go and meet up.

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      Dave Whiteside

      Thanks Tom, I started my workouts again today after a 3 week break due to my ribs. A couple of them were sore but I did 5 apps this morning. Tomorrow I plan running bridge repeats for 3 hours in about 85 – 90 degree heat, sounds like fun!

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      Thanks! It should be in the 50s-60s in December. If we’re really lucky it will rain. Race is the DV Trail Marathon, but it’s actually on a gravel road through beautiful Titus Canyon. Also thanks for the report!

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      You are incredible!!so inspiring . Keep it up. . I’m doing great with my mountain biking, elliptical , cross country ski machine. I’m still struggling with my running . Logging12 to15miles a week. 22 months post op. I get a little
      Sore in the hip area when I try to increase miles. I’m still afraid I will damage hip. I pray I will get past this fear soon and enjoy my running again. So thankful for this blog and all you inspiring folks Linda

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      Dave Whiteside

      Hi Linda,
      These exercises will definitely help you. Just listen to your body and ease back on your training if it hurts. Don’t give up, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything. You can get past it. Good luck.

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