Dave – 6 hour “Durty Beer Race”, not quite as planned

Before the race

I had concerns going into the race given that 3 weeks earlier my hip was bad during Lake Baldwin 50K, but fitness wise I was on top of my game. The week leading up to this I switched running to swimming to give my hip as much rest as possible and just went for a shakeout run the day before. There were a lot more runners this year and you never know who’s going to turn up and surprise you, but I knew Jeff for sure was going to give me a run for my money. We started of together setting a good pace just under 8 minutes but it felt comfortable. We knew we would have to back off from that pace given the heat and humidity with temperatures in the mid 90’s and feels like over 100 degrees. We came in to the end of the 3.6 mile loop together and got a handheld to drink on the next loop, nutrition was going to be important given the heat we were racing in. We slowed the pace down to right around an 8 minute pace as we headed out again and still everything felt good. I was breathing easy and felt comfortable as we came into the end of the second loop and grabbed new handhelds.

As we started loop 3 I could feel my hip beginning and Jeff’s pace had quickened a little to sub 8 so I was happy enough to let him go, it’s a long race. However by the time we got to the pier about 1.5 miles into the loop, my hip pain had got significantly worse. I carried on running but looking at my watch my pace had slowed to around 8:40 and by the time we left the pier it was now 9:15. I was unable to push off with my left leg with my hip pain and my left leg started collapsing inward occasionally, I knew then my race was over. As I limped in to the end of the loop I was surprised I still hadn’t been caught by third place as I felt like I was hardly moving. As I came in I told Luis I was out of the race, not that I had given up but I knew I lost any chance of winning again.  As I left the start area on loop 4 I was now walking to see if I could walk the pain off and continue running. I walked for about 6 minutes and I still wasn’t passed by anyone and so I started to run again, however I only managed a mile before I had to start walking. I was just on the pier and Jeff was running down, so I slapped his hand as he ran past and wished him good luck and that I was no longer racing. I continued to run/walk for the remainder of the 4th loop and was now being passed by a few other runners. As I approached the start area I swung by my car and got my phone to call Judy, she was worried about me racing in the heat so I was just letting her know it wasn’t going to be an issue. She asked if I was quitting, which I thought about, but I told her I was going to see. Every year I see others in pain with the heat and exhaustion and they don’t quit, how could I quit just because I wasn’t going to win. I knew when the race would end, 6 hours, if it had been a point to point where I didn’t know how long it would take I may have made a different decision. I got to my cooler and sat for a few minutes to rest my hip and just gather my thoughts.

I packed some ice in a bag and put in down my pants on my hip and went out on loop 5 with a plan to just walk the entire loop to see how I felt, my hip was still painful but not as bad as when I was running. I took 2 bottles out with me as I knew I would be out on that loop longer and also grabbed a popsicle from Whitney’s parents whom she introduced me to before the race. It wasn’t easy walking and watching runners continue to pass me, I wanted to be racing, to be out in the lead but today wasn’t the day so I just continued the march. When I got back to the start I once again just sat on my cooler for a few minutes before heading out for another walking loop. Apart from my hip I felt fine, the heat wasn’t effecting me, I wasn’t tired, I looked at my heart rate and it was 112, I was just walking, watching the race clock count down. By now I was thinking about the end and wondering if I could get an ultra distance in, I was walking just over a 15 minute pace and knew I was about 10-12 minutes behind pace from being able to get 2 more loops in, so now I was just thinking about 1 more loop and the 1 mile extension to get a marathon distance. I came into the end of loop 6 and once again sat down and contemplated the next hour and 45 minutes.

I decided to go out and go for the ultra distance, which meant I had to run a least a mile each of the remaining 2 loops to have a chance of completing them both. I had switched from my Sauchony Endorphin Pro 2’s to my Sketchers Go Run shoes after loop 5 as I felt like they had a little more cushion. I filled my ice bag and put it on my hip and I started running and felt pretty good, my hip pain had lessened with the walking and once again I found myself running and feeling happy running an 8:30 pace. I only intended to run a mile and then walk the remainder of the loop and repeat it the next loop but I felt good. I was now thinking could I get 2 more loops in if I continued running. I was now passing people as they were acknowledging me being back, I felt good. By this time Jeff was walking with his pacer and Joanne was now in the lead. She had gone out on her loop ahead of me but now I was closing in on her, I just wished I was on the same loop but she was 2 loops ahead of me now. As we approached the dog park my hip had started feeling more painful but I ran in with her to finish the loop.

Post race celebrations

There was still 70 minutes left and I felt confident I could complete 2 more loops in that time but knew it wouldn’t be in my best interest to get ready for the PTC race in just 3 weeks. So instead I sat on my cooler and rested and got more fluids in. I grabbed a handheld and another popsicle as I started walking the loop. I was going to walk the first .6 of a mile before starting to run again to relieve my hip a little. Once again when I started to run I felt good, running an 8:40 pace and feeling happy. My hip pain grew with each minute but I wanted to run the out and back legs of the pier before starting to walk again. I walked up to the dog park and then started to run in again on the final stretch. I ended my 8th lap with 28.8 miles completed with about 26 minutes spare on the clock. I sat on my cooler and watched the final runners come in. I enjoyed a couple of pop cakes from Barbara, better than ever. Although I was disappointed with how the day went, I was grateful that I was able to get an ultra distance in and that my hip wasn’t as bad as after the Lake Baldwin race. Now I have to rest and work out how I’m going to be ready for PTC. Congrats to Joanne on her win and keeping the Brits streak going of winning the race and to Jeff on his second place finish. Thanks to Brian and Ben for letting me share their tent and sharing some time with me. Congrats to all the runners and to Angie and Omar for continuing the race from the Connolly’s and keeping it going and growing.

It’s not my actual hip replacement that has the issue, it’s above it in the muscle area that they cut when you have a posterior approach. Good news is it’s not too bad today and looking forward to my next race.

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      I had concerns going into the race given that 3 weeks earlier my hip was bad during Lake Baldwin 50K, but fitness wise I was on top of my game. The we
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      Thanks again Dave for another great recounting of your race, and providing us all motivation and inspiration! I do hope you figure it out and appreciate you explaining the challenges you have from the posterior approach. It may be worth your while to seek out an extremely knowledgeable PT, and do some work in that regard.

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