Dave – 10 year hip anniversary running 3,000 miles this year

When I had my hip replaced 10 years ago I wasn’t even a runner. I was someone that played soccer until I was just over 40 and then did nothing for almost 10 years before having my hip replaced. I started running to lose some weight and pretty soon fell in love with it and it’s taken me on an incredible journey. I’ve had some downs but those were due to me not listening to my body, but the vast majority has been in the “runners high”. I’ve met some great people along the way, runners with incredible talent, runners with incredible patience and runners with incredible stories. There’s always something to learn along the route, take time to absorb it all and don’t take it for granted.

I’ve ran 2,000 miles for 4 of the last 5 years and if you had asked me if I thought I could run 50% more in one year I would have said no, but as we know 2020 hasn’t been a normal year. I place much of my success to being surrounded by great friends that continue to motivate me every day, to following a keto life style allowing my body to recover quicker than it would otherwise, and also to running slow.

I hope my stories that I’ve shared have encouraged you a little to go the extra mile, to run after being told you can’t, and to enjoy your passion. I wish I would have found this sport when I was young and wonder what may have been, but for now I continue to push and refuse to let age slow me down. I’ve still won several races this year, set course records and new PR’s and somehow get faster. That will change, but hopefully my passion for this won’t.

Wishing you all enjoy the holidays, stay safe with your family and hope that 2021 is better for all of us.

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      Dave Whiteside

      When I had my hip replaced 10 years ago I wasn’t even a runner. I was someone that played soccer until I was just over 40 and then did nothing for alm
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Dave you were one of the first Hiprunners to sign up on this site. And you have become one of the most (if not THE most) successful Hip Runners. You engage regularly with other hip runners and you lead by example. I remember one of those down periods when you had to step away. from running for close to a year. Not seeing your regular posts or words of encouragement to other hip runners had me concerned for you and this small hip runner community that we were forming. Since then I have had the opportunity to meet with you and participate in running events with you. You are a cornerstone of this hip runner community and a true testament to what can be achieved with the right attitude. Thank you for all that you have done for this hip runner community Dave. You have not only led with your actions/achievements, you have also led with your supportive messages and words of encouragement to others in this community. Keep up the great work Dave.

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      Dave, I would like to second Tom’s comments. I too was one of the first Hiprunners to sign up on this website 8 years ago. I had my first THR of my left hip in 2012 followed by a THR of my right hip in 2017. This August I will turn 65 years old and am hopeful that I will qualify for the Boston Marathon 10 years after I last qualified. My success will depend on the cooperation I get from my left knee which is becoming a problem. I can honesty say that whenever I experience a lull in my running due to lack of motivation or fear of injury, I log into Hiprunner.com to read what Dave Whiteside is up too. Without exception, after reading one or two of your posts that address the challenges you have overcome to achieve your running goals, I come away with new motivation to work towards my running goals. Your most recent 3,000 miles this year has encouraged me once again. Thank you Dave!

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      Dave Whiteside

      Wow, thank you Tom and Brian for your kind words. You never know if your posts are read or really motivate people so it’s wonderful to hear such glowing feedback. I push myself because I’m a competitive person, but I always think about how I’m representing HipRunner’s and older runners, and that helps me put in all the training I do to be able to compete at the level I aim for. If I help 1 person, then it’s worth all the time. I’m also contacted by others that have referred me to them as they come up to a hip replacement. I never hide anything, the good or the bad, not my training. I’m here to help and if you need some advice I’m always willing to assist. Thank you Tom for the vision many years ago to start this, I’ve enjoyed participating as much as I can.

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      Great job Dave on your incredible journey…..I did start younger and have run over 135,000 lifetime miles….but after I broke my leg and need my hip replaced this past June….it has been a whole new journey and I feel like a newbie. Your posts have been great for me to follow and are encouraging me to keep it going…..thanks and enjoy a great holiday. We can all look forward to a awesome 2021!


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      Congrats Dave – I love your story! I’ve had both hips replaced this year, two weeks out from the right hip. I’ve been a runner for 20+ years and share your passion for the pursuit and love of the people I have met along the way. Thank you for sharing! Happy trails!

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