About another Tony…

Hello all,

My name is Tony and I’m from the Cleveland, Ohio, area.

I’m glad I ran (pun intended) across this site.  I’ve had a problem with my lower back/hip for almost a year and a half, and finally sought help for it this past August.    Well….  5 doctors, 3 physical therapists,  3 cortisone shots, 3 sets of X-rays, and 2 MRI’s later, it’s been confirmed: I need a hip replacement!   I’ve known all along that it would be something more serious than what physical therapy could solve; as I’m a trainer, have pretty good knowledge of the body, and had worked, stretched, rehabbed, diagnosed, iced, heated, and strengthened as much as I could while trying to fix it without aggravating it further.  No such luck.   I finally took the Buddhist approach and put my ego aside…off to the doc I went.  In the process, I found out that I have  2 bulged discs, but had no idea it would be as “serious” as a hip replacement, though. The doc believes that the back pain will disappear after the transplant, when my hips straighten out and my leg lengthens back to normal.

I’m scheduled for March 3rd.  My plan is to strengthen the general area, increase my flexibility as much as I can, lose a couple pounds,  get my cardiovascular as good as I can, and boost my metabolism, all in the next month, since I know I won’t be exercising much in the weeks afterward.  It will also help in improving my recovery time.

I figure that the “limitations”  that I’ll have afterward can’t be as bad as the pain and limitations that I’ve had in the last year and a half.  Heck, I’ve had a noticeable limp for almost a year, yet I keep working as a trainer and self defense instructor, and running (actually….jogging these days) as well as I can with my shortened left leg and baby-step gait.

All I can do is apply my laser focus to my recovery and re-build, because I refuse to let this be a “barrier” in any way.  I’ve previously … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)