Terry – About me!

A little about me and my need for hip replacement surgery.  I have been running since 1978.  I actually started to augment my love of cross country skiing in the off season and running quickly became the passion.  Most people who know you are a runner too quickly connect a procedure like a hip replacement with the abuses of running.  Not the case with me.  My accident happened in April of 1989.  I also like to ride bikes and was on a first ride of the spring when I was struck by a car while riding.  I sustained a partial PCL tear and a posterior hip dislocation.  The orthopaedic doc that relocated the hip told me then that I would recover fine and would resume full activity, but that 20 years or so down the road I would likely develop osteo arthritis in that hip.  And so it came to pass.  About 6 years ago after nagging discomforrt in the hip I had X-rays which confirmed the onset of osteo arthritis.  I was advised to contact my doctor when things became worse.  I was still running, but not racing and my weekly mileage was a shadow of what I had formerly run.  About two years ago I had another x-ray and the orthopedic doc says “We now have a problem.”  I had a consult with my surgeon and (surprise, surprise) replacement was recommended.  After several months of niggling with my then boss about paid time off work, I scheduled the surgery for March 27, 2013.  I was very eager to get things taken care of ASAP at that point. The pre-surgery meeting with all the other prospective knee and hip replacement candidates helped me to appreciate how thankful I was that my fitness level going into the surgery was very high in comparison to many of the others in the room.  It is difficult to over emphasize how important a high overall fitness level is going into the surgery.  Recovery and recuperation is WAY better when you are fit before surgery!  I asked a consulting ortho doc about returning to … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)