Susan – New Things to Think About

Hi all – well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my first orthopedic visit, which was pretty devastating. Since then, I:

  • Started taking the anti-inflammatory Diclofenac (aka Voltaren). The good news was that it took away about 95% of the pain. YAY! The bad news is that it had the weird side effect of, when I started actually RUNNING, and increasing my body temperature, I would have the most unbearable, insane itching – like bees crawling over my body. I wanted to rip all my clothes off and claw at myself on the running trail! (thank goodness for all around me, I did not do this!) My husband, who is a doctor, looked this up and discovered that this rare side effect of some pain medications is what is called exercise-induced anaphylaxis. He said in some cases it can lead to death within 5 minutes. (!!!!) Um, no thanks. So I stopped taking this medication and within half a day.
  • The pain came back just as bad as before. 🙁
  • I went to a chiropractor. He ordered new orthotics which haven’t arrived yet and adjusted my spine. I was a little disconcerted that he did not touch my hip. I believe that everything is connected to everything AND that a misaligned foot can throw one’s hip and pelvis out of whack, but still. I’d say the jury is still out on this treatment.
  • I went to a SECOND orthopedist. He basically said the exact same thing as the first one. That I have FAI with some joint degeneration, that a total hip replacement is “inevitable” and that I will not be able to run again. 🙁
  • As I was leaving his office this morning, I got a message from a co-worker who strongly recommended that I look into Hip Resurfacing Surgery as an alternative. She was told (by my same 2nd doctor) that THR was inevitable. She is a lot younger than me. She went to the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC and had a resurfacing surgery and is very very happy. The big difference between THR and
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Susan – About Me

Hello everyone! I am overjoyed to find this group. The internets are a wonderful thing!! I have been blogging at FoodFoodBodyBody since 2009, where you’ll find pretty much every detail of my fitness and health “journey.”

I went to the orthopedist this week on Wednesday, July 24th after about a year of on-and-off hip pain and constant pain since my last half marathon in March 2013. I went through a period of denial, hope, icing, Advil, physical therapy (IRONIC TWIST: I AM A PHYSICAL THERAPIST!), and even thinking it was referred pain from some large uterine fibroids. For a month or so I thought I would be facing a hysterectomy. But my gynecologist said she wanted me to get a thorough ortho eval before going that route. (she’s smart)

Yesterday was my orthopedist eval and X-ray. He said it revealed arthritis, bone spurs, a thickened humeral neck and other things that he said went along with my severe pain with flexion, internal rotation, abduction. Night pain that has just increased a lot in the last month or two. I went from being able to run a half marathon to being able to run a 5k and last week, I was wincing just WALKING a 5k. So I know it is getting worse.

I think I figured I would get it “fixed” somehow (I was hoping for a half or minimal replacement or repair?) and then resume my running. I have not, like many of you, been running my whole life. I actually started 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I lost 35+ lbs and began running with Couch to 5k. I am not a fast runner, but I am determined and over a couple of years I went from being able to run one minute (max!) to completing a half marathon and eventually an Olympic triathlon. I feel like running has given me my health.

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