Scott W – About me…

Male, age 60, FOG runner, 6’, at one point was up to 240lbs, ran a ½ marathon 3 years ago, proud that came in last in my age group (i finished – i’m not like most of the overachievers on this site), dropped to about 220 – 225 lbs.  Last year, when I turned 59, I decided I would spend my 60th year getting ready for my next 30 years.  Stopped eating sugar, set a goal for a 60 minute 10k and weigh 175 – 180 lbs.  I’m now down to 190 – 195 and getting close to my 10K goal (although I mostly run on a treadmill – watch a lot of movies).  Cycle and swim.  Racquetball (It’s kind of a fake sport for old guys). ps FOG runner -> fat old guy.

HOWEVER, I cannot bend over my left leg (cannot tie left shoe unless I use “alternate” methods), when I run, my left foot is rotated out about 5 deg, when I cycle, my right leg and knee track linearly, no problems, but on each rotation, my left leg and knee splay out about 5 or 10 deg.  The hip joint clicks. I have a lot of unexplained discomfort in my left leg.  About 20 years ago, I visited a chiropractor (I cannot remember the complaint, but probably back issues).  He X-rayed my lower back and stated that I have degenerative joint disease in my hip of hips.  I ignored his statement.  That I can remember he did not indicate a mismatch of the ball of the femur to the hip joint socket.

I finally went to my family practice Dr. in July 2013, he X-rayed and confirmed that my left hip is in pretty bad shape. Since I don’t have much pain, I decided to do nothing, wear it out, and then replace when I was crippled.  In Feb 2014, I visited a Dr. who specializes in hip arthroscopy to see if hip arthroscopy would be indicated.  He looked at my X ray and said it was the easiest case he ever had and that … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)