S Maree – 4 weeks post total hip replacement

I have zero patience. Not being completely like I was before is stressing me out! lol  I’ve walked 3 miles, but there is pain and I don’t like it. When the pain starts, it makes me limp a bit which then affects the good hip. The strain of the limp I guess.

My scar is amazingly minimal, considering what was done. Shocking they can do all of that in a 3 inch incision.

I’m doing weights, sit ups, some leg lifts with a bit of assistance (from my hand) on inner thigh leg lifts. Over all I’m doing awesome, got rid of the crutch after one week. I’ve dressed myself since I came home from the hospital, yes including socks… which was painful but I had to do it! But I’m ready to lose all of the pain and swelling. There’s still quite a bit of swelling.

If anyone has any experience when the swelling subsides, I’d love to hear it. I admire the people on this board tremendously.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)