Blast From The Past

Hello All!

I’ll hit my 5 year anniversary for my left hip in a couple weeks and just celebrated 4 years for my right hip replacement. I apologize for being scarce.  Running a business and having 3 active boys in High School have made time scarce. (All 3 run XC)

Sooooo what can everyone expect?  We can expect to continue much more active lifestyles once we get our replacements.  And we can expect to get older and have other parts of our bodies fail.  As for me, I’m still running regularly 5 days per week.  I have pulled back from any type of intense training.  Sore back, pull hamstring, IT Band issues, etc. have forced me to re-evaluate my competitive spirit.   I’m now Forrest Gump.. I Just Run.

That said, we all have different goals and expectations.  Sometimes reality doesn’t match the goals and expectations.  As for me, I’m just thankful to be running, skiing, sleeping, etc. without pain.   My mind, body and spirit are in a very good place.  All thanks to my replacements.

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Rusty – Why the Heck Did I Ever Get My Hip replaced !?!?!!!!

Well let’s see…. I had both of my hips replaced before I was 50.  Before I had my Hips replaced I ran with my family and I skied hard with my family.  Towards my late 40s, the skiing and running were extremely painful.  About every 4th mogul included a stabbing pain.  My morning run had turned into a morning limp.   I told the Dr. that I was not a candidate for replacement, because I refused to give up my activities, no matter how painful they were.  Luckily I was talking to a Dr. that understands our drive and need to carry on.  He laughed and promised I’d be skiing and running a half marathon within a year.  Five months after surgery I was skiing in Breckenridge and I had run two Half Marathons within 6 months of surgery (They weren’t pretty, but what the heck)  THAT’S WHY I GOT MY HIP REPLACED!

I didn’t want to get my hip replaced because I was afraid it would limited my activities.  I now know that it’s quite the opposite.  If I had not gone thru with it, I wouldn’t be skiing with my family and I wouldn’t be running.  My kids are getting older and this year I skied Tahoe, and Park City with them.  We are heading to Breckenridge this week.  In Late May I will be running a Half Marathon with my family.  I am so blessed and Thankful.  If you are wondering, If you are on the fence … get moving.  You can’t take a huge leap forward until you take a small step back.


Here’s a Picture from Last month.  My oldest was out skiing Double Blacks so he missed the picture, maybe I’ll be with him next year!

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3 year Left, 2 Year Right Update

OK…It’s been a while since I posted. I’m still alive and well.  Last time I posted, I was training to run the Bay Shore Half Marathon on Memorial Day weekend.  Thanks to a pulled hamstring, that did not happen.  The past 9 months have been riddled with injuries.  NO problems with my hips.  I’ve had hamstring issues, calf issues, Achilles issues and some IT band issues.  Seems like every time I start feeling good, I train too hard and end up injured.  Take my hamstring for example.  Leading up to the half marathon I was adding 1 mile to my long run per week.  I felt really good on my 8 mile day and decided I could run 9.  Nope….. at 8.45 miles…. Bang….my hamstring decided to let me know it was not happy.   That was a long and slow recovery.  Small injuries have continued to set me back.  I’m hopeful that I will be back training for something soon, but in the meantime, I’m just thankful that I’m out running.  I have signed up for the half marathon again.  Not sure I’ll train hard for it, I’ll just be happy to finish with a decent time.  Bottom line, my hips are holding up.  I just need to realize I’m not 30 anymore.  I have hips of an 18 year old, but the rest of my body is screaming to me that I’m 52.

Cross training continues to keep me fit. I’m running about 30 – 35 miles a week on the road.  I’m fortunate enough to have a home gym with a rower, stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill and Zero-Runner.  Since my injuries have kept me at bay, I spend a lot of time in my gym.  I now row every day, which is awesome for my core.  I mix in bike, treadmill walking and elliptical.  All have their virtues.  My big savior is the Zero-Runner.  HipRunner Tom introduced us to this machine about 7 months ago.  It feels really strange at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome the closest thing you can find to … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – 17 Month / 28 Month update

I wish I had some really cool inspiring stuff to post. It’s really hard to beat everyone else’s stories of triumph.   I’ve been battling various non-hip injuries for the past year.  I’ve had some really good runs.  Some good long runs.  Some faster runs.  Some long – kind of fast runs.  And lots of injuries.  So I put away the Garmin and concentrated on getting my full body healed.  I did lots and lots of walking and lots of slow runs.  I finally brought the Garmin back out this week.  I was pleasantly surprised that my speed and endurance are slowly coming back after the long break.  My goal is to run The Bayshore Half Marathon Memorial day weekend.  Hopefully I stay away from injuries.

I’m taking my boys to Breckenridge next week. Hopefully that doesn’t lead to more injuries.  But keeping up with 3 boys can lead to some crazy skiing, big bumps and steep hills.  Along with that comes big falls!  I’ll be a Hip Skier next week and then back to getting back in the game.

My only advice today….If something doesn’t feel right, back off and don’t push it.   Especially in the first year.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – How To Get Back In The Game

It’s been a while since I posted, mainly because I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I’ve experienced two recoveries; one was 25 month ago, the other 13 months.  I thought the first recovery was easier, but that may be jaded by the failing of my other hip. Many ask how to get back to running form.  I think I have a good handle on what to do and what NOT to do.

Where to Start:

– Stationary Bike / Spinning after two weeks (Min) Slowly Build up time and resistance.

– Elliptical after 4 weeks (Min) Slowly build time and resistance.

– Walking.  Lots of walking!  I was walking up to 8 miles 6 weeks after my first procedure.



– When?  8 weeks for some, 6 months for others, everyone is different.

– Cross Train.  Continue bike & elliptical, Try Yoga, Dance, Swim, etc.

– Develop a 10-15 minute core routine and do it religiously. (more on that later)


– Start real slow and slowly build distance.

– Concentrate on form.

– Develop the base distance and maintain that for a few months

– After base is developed, start building speed WITHOUT the Garmin

– Reintroduce the Garmin

That’s the skinny basics.  I’ve had some great triumphs this past year and some even greater let downs.  I built my weekly mileage to over 50 miles in 8 months.  I ran an 11 miler with the final mile at 7:30.  Why, because I COULD. Then I spent the next 4 – 6 weeks NOT running.  Just because I COULD doesn’t mean I SHOULD.  That’s when I put the Garmin away.

I realized my body wasn’t ready for my new hips.  I had spent years running wrong.  The medical professionals said I had a high pain tolerance.  No, my body adjusted and found a way to work around those deteriorating hips.  That’s why some of us have those funny gaits that our fellow runners make fun of.  Many of us have spent years slowly adjusting and then bam, new hips and … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – 5 Months

I guess I’m like the over-weight Dr. that tells you that you need to lose weight.  I’m real good at telling everyone to “take it slow and easy” however, I don’t follow that advice myself.  That is why I’m at 5 months and nowhere close to where I had hoped to be.  I have nobody to blame but myself!  I continue to have setbacks simply because I think I’m ready for more intense workouts or longer runs, when I’m really not.  Last year at this time, I was preparing to run the La Jolla half marathon in a few weeks.  This year I’d struggle to finish a 5K.  I was much smarter and disciplined after my first THR as compared to this THR.  Most likely due to overconfidence.

Sooooo…..  I have taken a big step back.  I’m rebooting.  I’m walking a ton.  5 – 7 mile walks.  Yesterday I walked 7 miles at 13:40 pace.  I walked a ton after my first THR and it seemed to work.  I don’t seem to get the intense cardio I seek, but I do feel like I’m gaining strength.  I’m also mixing in a lot of PT strength exercises.   I’m heading to Breckenridge tomorrow.  I intend to walk long walks every morning and ski hard during the day.  Both activities should help build strength.   Once I return, I hope to ease back into the game.  I really need to build the strength before I try to boost the cardio while running.

My advice to new Hipsters.  Walk, walk and then walk some more if time allows it.

I’m hopeful to report better personal news next month.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – 4 Month Update

Things are starting to look up since my last post.  The Hip Flexor isn’t 100% better, but I’ve made significant progress. PT and the mini “Orb” have really been helpful.  I’ve been going on some 3 and 4 mile runs.  Usually a couple outings per week at 10 minute pace.  I’ve also been doing interval workouts on the treadmill. I can run 8 minute pace for fifteen 1 minute intervals.  (House of Cards helps ease the pain of the treadmill) I just need to slowly work on my endurance. I also continue to use the stationary bike and elliptical.  (80 minutes of Elliptical today)  I’m hopeful to run a half marathon in early June.  Nothing smokin’ fast, just running 13 miles should be an accomplishment

My hips can ski!  I went on a 3 day ski trip with the family this past weekend.  Everything held up, so I should be ready for spring skiing out west this April.  This is one of our annual family trips.  I timed both surgeries in hopes of making this trip.

Lastly, my biggest problem which I need some help with.  My wife just can’t seem to keep her hands off me.  Maybe it’s the haircut?  Maybe the “Gladiator” shave?  Maybe it’s that I’ve lost a few Lbs?  Just can’t put my finger on it!

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Rusty – 12 Weeks

Holy Cow…Time Flies.  I’m coming up on 12 weeks since my second hip replacement.  My last post was at 4 weeks.

Lots of up and downs to discuss.  First, I was doing great.  Lots of elliptical, stationary bike and long walks.  At 6 weeks the Dr. gave me the go ahead to resume normal activities, which included running.  I held out and started running at 7 weeks.  I started with a .1 mile walk flowed by a .25 mile jog.  I would do that routine 8 – 12 times.  Not a screaming fast on the jog.  After about a week I figured I could up the pace on the .25 mile portion.  One day, during my 7th circuit, I decide to try a sub 9:00 pace.  Too early for that and my hamstring let me know in a big way.  I was back on the sidelines.  Finally the New Year arrived and I found myself in Playa Del Carmen.  I started a real slow jog.  The hammy was barking but I took it real easy.  By the end of the week I was running 3 straight miles at 10:30 pace. I even snuck in some wave crashing with the wave runners.

Wheels came off again when I returned to the Great White North.  I went for a 3 miler and decided to kick it up to Sub 10 minute pace.  The run went great and I felt pretty good.  By the same time next day, my surgical side hip flexor was shot.  I couldn’t lift my knee at all and the pain was killer.  I finally gave in and let PT work on it.  After 2 weeks I’m feeling good again.  Still holding off running but I’m hitting the elliptical, bike, rower and treadmill (walking) real hard.  I may be days away from giving running another try.

Things to learn.  Don’t be dumb like me!  Take it slow.  (Something I have trouble with)  My surgery was 2 week ahead  of my surgery last year, but I’m behind in my progress.  I don’t think I’ll be running any Spring Half … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – 4 Weeks

I’m progressing on schedule.  I hope to be Running / Jogging by January 1st.  Having  3 young active boys leaves me little time for recovery.  I had surgery on November  4th.  On November  21st I piled all 3 boys into the car and we dove 8 ½ hours to Nashville for X-Country Middle School Nationals.  After 5 hours on the course we drove to Knoxville for the Tenn / Mizzou night game.  The following weekend we piled into the car for Chicago and Foot Locker Midwest X-Country Regionals.  Another long weekend of shopping,  along with 5 hours on the cold X-Country course.  Yes, no time for recovery!

I’ve been cross training a lot.  Lots of stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill and walking outdoors.  90 minutes – 2 Hours per day.  I’m fortunate enough to have the equipment in my home.  I’m currently up to 4 miles on my outdoor walks.  I’m off the blood thinners and pain meds.  I still get some dis-comfort.  Enough dis-comfort that I still don’t get enough sleep.  Cool thing is I no longer limp.  I was unaware that I was limping before, but everyone else noticed.


Keep in mind I now have 2 THRs and I just turned 50.


Reasons NOT to get a THR:

You’re too young – nope! (see avoidance below)

You can’t find the right Dr. – Good reason but, keep looking!

No time – Nope, Find it!

Scared – Nope, It’s not that bad!

You’re waiting for your hip to get worse – See “Avoidance” below!

You don’t have hip problems – Good reason!

Someone told you to wait until you’re 60 – so you can have pain until 60!


Reasons to get a THR:

Pain free life.

Pain free activities. (running, golfing, skiing, dancing, biking, etc)

Avoidance of other injuries, your body will compensate creating possible:

Back Injury

Knee Injury



I would love it if fellow Hipsters could add to the Reasons Lists.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – Week 2

Week 2 has proven to be a great week!  I seem to be ahead schedule as compared to where I was last year at this time.  By day 10 I gave the elliptical a try.  I ended up going 45 minutes.  I have since gone as long as 75 Minutes.  I really like the elliptical because the motion seems anatomically correct with minimal impact.  I’m also riding the stationary bike and walking on the treadmill.  All 3 exercises are accelerating my recovery.

Last year I ditched the walker after a few days and switched to a cane.  This year I hung on to the walker until day 11.  I never used the cane.  I think the walker forced me to walk more correctly.  I still experience discomfort at night.  Not really pain, but enough discomfort to keep me awake at times.  I continue to take minimal pain meds to help me thru the night.

Tomorrow I’m off to a National Middle School Cross Country race in Nashville, Tennessee.  I promised my 8th grader that if he continued to train, I would do everything in my power to be able to take him.  I think that promise really helped me stay focused.

Below is a pic of my new hip.  New one is on the left. (really my right hip)  You will notice that the Dr. ran into some issues in how bad my hip was so he had to adjust the angle.  I find it amazing how some of these Docs can adjust on the fly and creatw positive outcomes.

photo (2)

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Rusty – Week 1

First week was much better than I had anticipated. Surgery and pain management went so well that I was discharge from the hospital the day after surgery.  Strength seems to improve significantly every day.  My walking and mobility seem better than last year.  I felt so good that I actually went to work for two hours on Monday and four hours on Tuesday.  Not bad when you consider that’s less than one week after surgery.  I have taken a little different approach this time.  Last year I wanted to ditch the walker as soon as possible.  I believe I did by day 5.  This year the walker is my friend.  I keep one of the 4 wheeled ones close by and pack it ibn the car when I go out.  I think it’s helping me progress in quality re-hab.  Both PT at the Hospital and my surgeon feel that the best PT for now is just walking.  Walk as long and far as I feel is appropriate.  I have no weight bearing restrictions.  Simply put as much weight as I’m comfortable with.

Now for the pain. Pain at night has been a struggle.  The Ortho Resident indicated that the surgery was a little more challenging than most.  Maybe that’s what has contributed to my increased pain levels.  Last year I was mostly off the pain meds by the end of week two.  I’m still hitting them pretty hard at night and doubt I’ll be off them any time soon.  I’m sticking with the Tylenol during the day and all seems fine.

To sum it up. I’m progressing just fine.  I used to stress that everybody is different, so recovery will be different.  Well, I now know that everybody is different and every situation is different.  Your body and situation will determine your path.   My body is the same, but the outcome is different, more strength along with more pain.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – I’m Home

Once again, Dr. Urquhart did an awesome job.  So awesome that I was able to negotiate an early release.  Surgery on Tuesday and back to the comforts of home on Wednesday.  I seem to be doing quite well.  Moving around all three floors of the house, no nausea, food is going down without any problems.  I’m going to rest for a few days and hope to return to work on Monday.  More updates later.

(for those who don’t know, I say “once again” because this is my second hip replacement.  Left hip last year, right hip this year)… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – Scheduled for Surgery # 2

Well, I pulled the trigger and I’m all set to go for November 4th.   I can’t say I’m looking forward to the recovery, but I’m excited about the chance of being pain free in 2015!  The pain on this one is much different and much worse than my other hip.  I get very little deep sleep because of it. 

I’m currently running about 5 miles 1 -2 times per week.  Some runs are fine, others are brutal.  I can’t really put my finger on what sets it off.  For the time being, I live vicariously thru the accomplishments of my 3 boys.  My 8th grader is piling up 1st place victories in X-C along with my 6th grader.  This past weekend my 8th grader cruised to an easy 1st in an invitational with 22 teams.  My 6th grader placed 4th in the 6th grade race, his first race since recovery from shin splints.  We entered my 5th grader into the 6th grade race and he got 14th.  I’m hopeful my boys take after their mother in their elder years.

This upcoming weekend is The Portage X-C Invitational.  I’m on the Board of Directors for this event so I’m quite proud of it.  We will conduct 18 High School and Middle School races in 9 hours.  Over 6000 kids will race that day.  It’s a great day to watch these young men and women compete.  After that my weekends are filled with X-C meets and college football games.  My only down time weekend will be my recovery weekend after surgery.  I’m hopeful that I’ll be up and around to watch my boys race in some late season regional and National X-C races by mid-November and early December.(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – 9 Month Update – Looking at Dualies

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’m involved in road construction, so things get a little crazy for me in the summer. My replaced hip is doing great, while my natural hip is falling apart.  My natural hip has made the summer somewhat miserable.  Hoping I was dealing with a repairable situation, I tried Physical Therapy.  After a couple months the PTs convinced me to get an MRI.  The results were not good.  Severe OA, macerated labrum, significant impingement, etc. 

 I have a busy fall, so I’m shooting for an early November replacement.  With as good as my replaced hip recovery went, It is my hope to be back out and running (a little) by the first of the year.  Just like Lisa D, I’ll be running on dualies.  Must be something in the water here in Michigan.(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rusty – Icarus

Month 7 Update

I’m confident everyone remembers the story of Icarus.  Icarus’ father made him the wing made of wax, but warned him not to fly too close to sun.   Well, Icarus couldn’t contain himself, he flew too close to the sun and his wings melted.  Icarus crashed into what is now known as the Icarian Sea.  Great story on failed ambition.   Hmmmm, I think I’m the Icarus of the HipRunners!

Not all bad news, I pushed too hard and now I’m sidelined for a while.  My replaced hip is in great shape.  It’s just not as strong as my natural hip.  I ramped up too fast and ran a few Half Marathons too hard.  Too hard after I promised myself I’d take them slow and easy.  With my replaced hip still being a little weak, my natural hip picked up the slack and now it’s very angry with me.  All appears to be mostly muscular. 

We must be careful in monitoring our ambitions.  It’s great that we can run, but getting back in the game will take time.  I’m going to follow Patrick’s advice and get an elliptical.  I want to get that heart rate going, but my body isn’t ready for that utilizing hard runs.  Hopefully I’ll be near 100% by late fall.


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Rusty – 6 Month Update (Good news / Bad News)

I don’t really know where to start.  Lots of good news and great progress on my new hip.  Less than 6 months after surgery I skied with my family out west.  With 3 young boys, it wasn’t easy going skiing; they took me down some pretty rough stuff.  My new hip performed like a champ.  I followed that up 2 weeks later with a half marathon in La Jolla California, an incredibly hilly course.  A week after that I ran our local Kalamazoo half marathon and I cut over 10 minutes off my La Jolla time.  A pretty active month considering my recent hip replacement.

The bad news has nothing to do with my replaced hip.  It’s my other hip that appears to be failing and it’s failing fast!  Shortly after my second half marathon, my natural hip started really bothering me.  This pain is different from my other hip and much more debilitating.  There are days when I get ¼ mile out and have to quit.  Some days I make it 4 miles before it starts really bugging me.  It’s very frustrating because I can usually push thru the pain.  I can’t push thru this pain.  My replaced hip was more frontal pain before the procedure.  The pain in my natural hip is more rear, deep in the glutes, radiating to the sciatic nerve.  I’m hopeful is a muscular issue, but doubt it.  I going to try PT on it for a month to see if I can improve, assuming it’s muscular.

I will most likely not be running in any more races this summer.  Last summer I was able to run 20 races in 20 straight weekends with my boys on my bum hip.  I will now be living vicariously thru my boys.  My 7th grader has a goal breaking 19 minutes in a 5K before the end of June and be in the low 18s by end of summer.  My 5th grader wants to break 21 minutes before the end of June. My 4th Grader is like Forest Gump, he just runs.   Cheering (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)