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January 14th, 2015 was my 6 month anniversary of a THR, right side, anterior, CP, Broward North in Pompano Beach, by Dr. Janke! Truly a very professional and rewarding experience!

It was due to Tom’s Hip Runners site here and the comments by fellow runners, that I was able to look into a hip solution versus a pulled groin muscle that had been causing me leg and glute pains for 5 to 6 months. My running ability was decreasing, using drugs to reduce the pain, not fun! Upon seeing the arthritis degeneration of the right hip, and an interview with Dr. Janke, I set up a surgery appointment immediately! I kept up my fitness and added hip and leg exercises right up till surgery. In my opinion, get it done while you are in the best shape possible. Don’t wait. Your recovery to pain free running will thank you. (Just my opinion, along with several others on this site)

Fortunately, my wife and I had won our 2014 Marine Corps Marathon Lottery entries prior to our hip surgeries. Our Goal: Beat the 1:15 pm bridge cutoff time so we could finish and not have to ride the bus to the end. We both are 2014 Marine Corps Marathon FINISHERS! (My fourth and Carol’s 2nd.) I don’t recommend this for anyone. I did it my way. My miles of walking/running prior to Oct 26th, 2014 are available on my Strava link on this site. I continue to have a goal of 25 miles per week and upload these miles to Strava as well. My first 2.5 months consisted of fast walking, but lots of it! Then slowly started jogging to get my pace below 15 minutes per mile.

Other races we ran: Key West Half, Oct 11th, 2014; Space Coast Half, end of Nov. 2014; West Palm half, 1st week of Dec, 2014; Key West Half, Jan 18th, 2015. Coming up is the A1A half in Fort Lauderdale, mid Feb.; and an Orlando half 28 Feb. I am not as fast as I will be, … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Randolph S – One Week Post Surgery

It is a great feeling to be free of the pain in the right hip caused by osteoartritis. Anterior THP surgery on 07/14 went very smooth, used walker that pm. three therapy sessions at hospital, home on Wed, 07/16, follow up appointment with surgeon on 07/29. Minor discomfort on incision sight as it heals. No restrictions except fall protection. No problem dressing, tying
shoes, etc. Exercise daily concentrating on increasing walking distance in the neighborhood, core strength floor routines, and leg flexibility. Will ask doctor for clearance on swimming start up. Most of these exercises I did for 3 months pre-op and am glad that I did.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Randolph S – about me

Watched this You Tube video on anterior hip surgery yesterday. The Latest Procedure – Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery -Very informative. This is about a year old. Dr. Firestone is the surgeon, out of Scottsdale. Almost an hour in length. http://youtu.be/1jb2nq_jRwI

Had a pre-op therapy evaluation and session today. Identified some additional exercises to enhance strength and flexibility.

Tomorrow, 05/15/14, I have my first consult with a local surgeon who specializes in this anterior approach. He is known for using the anterior approach. My second consultation is another week out with a Doctor who specializes in the SuperPath procedure, or the Northern approach..

I am sure neither Doctor will agree that I should keep my 100 mile ultra on my bucket list, but I am interested in the procedure and prosthesis that will give me the greatest potential! I have already accomplished my first 50 miler which was the Keys 100/50 Ultra in May of 2013.

My wife and I both love to run and both of us are entered in the Marine Corps Marathon , the end of Oct, 2014. (My fourth MCM and her second)She should be back in form after recovery and training from THR 3 weeks ago. We both will line up at the start and walk, jog, run our way forward. Will keep you posted.




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Randolph S – About Me

Randolph S – About Me
My situation has to do with a diagnosis last Tuesday of osteoarthritis of the right hip. The xrays show partial bone on bone, which can be blamed for the gradual increase in pain and decrease in performance of my right leg. Initially looked at it as a major groin pull that would take a good 5 to 6 months to go away. As time went by, the glute, quad and hip flexors kicked in with sympathy pain and discomfort; along with right foot drifting out. Pain medication, KT Tape, compression sleeves, Ice Baths, muscle rub, metatarsal pads, more pain medication got me though to this point.
Am doing a strength and stretch routine twice a day along with biking and short runs to stay conditioned. Will see the surgeon on 05/15 at which time we may conclude that THR is in my near future as well. I am looking forward to getting back to running relatively pain free. This surgeon has sports medicine in his credentials and specializes in the anterior approach. I have just today come across another surgeon in a nearby hospital who specializes in the SUPERPATH hip replacement. Has anyone had experience with this technique? Sales pitch is a smaller incision with less trauma to muscles and tendons, and subsequently, shorter recovery period.
My wife, Carol S is a member of this site as well and is in her third week of post op recovery. Today is her fifth day back at work as a speech therapist and doing quite well. Some tired spells and soreness due to tissue repair and lack of strenuous exercise that the muscles had been used to. While Carol was in the hospital, her daughter recommended hiprunners.com. While reading some of these entries, with many of you relating issues with the same pains that I had been having; and were not going away, that I decided to get x-rayed for possible hip problems.
 I am glad Carol’s daughter recommended we look at the web site: www.hiprunners.com .  It has been very helpful to Carol and myself.
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