Merry Christmas and A Happy New year 2018

Merry Christmas Everyone from UK. My hip had 4th Birthday at 7/Oct/2017. It’s still good condition. I had Bike accident 2 years ago. It took me to recover 6 months. I could not too much running since then. But, I started to jog again. I must say How much bright light Hip runner club ,Tom and others put into my life and still shine my mind ! I enjoy running every seconds ! every stroke !… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Merry Christmas& Happy New year 2015 from UK

Hi, Hip brothers and sisters

I haven’t post nearly 6 months. I have been too busy to do so many things. At last, I have got Christmas holiday. My hip had one year old , Birthday at 7th October 2014.  I had to go hip check up, still good condition or not. I took x-ray , surgeon, Mr Blake checked it, if it has bad sign or not.  What He said to me was my hip component is the same as 2 days after operation. Nothing changed . Mr Blake told me ” NO more running!” before operation. But, This time , what He said to me was ” you can continue running.  But, You have to check up every year” How good news is that! I do hope other hip brothers and sisters the same . Mr, Blake also told me , when I was discharged from the hospital. I feel much stronger and feel better bio hip. It did. It really did!  I did Bournmouth half marathon race at 4th October. About 2700 runners were there. I was 676th. I was 2nd 44th, my age group. good hip 2000 runners were behind me.  I did 19th October , Exeter great west run , half marathon , 3500 runners were there. I was 3rd  age group. Both run time was 1: 49 . ( before operation , I was 1: 54) I ran 5 minutes faster than before. just amazing ! Bio hip is better than original one??  My last race was 13th December. I could not miss it. This race was cross country, 12k , we had to run slippery muddy, up the hill down the hill, narrow paths. But, at the end , yummy Christmas cake is waiting , I tasted some time ago. It was delicious! I saw cake before run, It was piling up in the tray. When I started running , I was worried not to fall over and if any cake left at the end of the race. I must run quite reasonable speed . Thanks goodness , when I finished run. I … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Naoko – Hi, from UK

Hi, How are you getting on everybody?  I posted my recovery about a month ago.  I am 6 months post recovery now.  Last weekend , on Saturday, I did my first 10 K race at South Devon College. That day , unfortunately, heavy showers . but, I was very pleased to see old some running friends. I said to friends , I go to a half Marathon on Sunday. One of them said to me, You came here for warming up for tomorrow.  I replied I am greedy, I want to do both. We always talk what is your next run, whenever , We meet up on the race and how we achieved it , etc. I missed such a social things , but, I was there physically at start line, more than pleased. Anyway, I had to run muddy paddles , country lanes , up and down. I fasten shoes with double knot, but, I lost shoes in the muddy puddles twice! I will show you tragedy evidence.  Bad news was lost shoes , Good news is I was 2nd my age grope. running photos 286South Devon 10k - 26.4.2014South Devon 10k - 26.4.2014

On Sunday, 27th April, I run Plymouth Half Marathon, Again  very showery , windy day. I did many times half marathons  in my past, but, I was nervous? I was excited? I could not fall asleep previous night. I have dear friend who are fighting with her terminal cancer over 3 years, I lost dear my friend who had breast cancer , only she was 40. wanted raise some money for the cancer research UK , I was modest as start line, I was 2: 15 queue. But, when I started jog, I felt I can run like wind , When I realised I was running with less 2 hours group of people. I was wearing super woman’s costume. lots of people and children cheered me up. They said ” Super Woman ! Go ! GO! GO! ” Even, I started to tired to run , reply their encouragement, I waved them back, I tried to run as much as I could. When I arrived at … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Naoko – Hi, from UK

HI, Hope, Everybody is recovering well from operation.  For me, 5 months has gone from operation.  I feel my component is really amalgamated to my body.   Anyway, I participated duathlon last weekend. (5k road run, 20k bic, 2.5k cross country).  I must say I was exhausted , when I finished it. I said myself somebody will 1st , somebody will the last. Even I will be the last , If I can finish it, That will be great. Result was my age group, I was the 2nd, I could not be able to believe it. But, It happened.  last cross country run, I over took at least 4 runners!  I never ever thought after hip operation , such a thing will happen to me.  Sure, other members who had THR , same thing will happen . ( please, do not push too much) I have some photos. I enclose them.  someone thinking future races, Good luck! Your will take you to the finishing line.DAJ_0967 DAJ_0969 DAJ_0971 DARTINGTON DUATHLON 23.3.14 DARTINGTON DUATHLON 23.3.14 DARTINGTON DUATHLON 23.3.14(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Naoko – Hi, everyone

Hi, Everyone,

Already, middle of February, since I post some letter. My recovery , 4 months passed by.  I did aquathlon  ( swimming and running race) 2nd Feb.  I was the first people to swim. All ages , mixed gender. I was the oldest , I shared the lane with half my age young lady.  race result was I was 2nd for swaim in 8. Running was 4th in 8. ( just my group)   I was pleased to this result.  This was my first race since I had operation.  my next race is 9th March, I will do aquathlon again.  I also signed up duathlon 23rd March ( 5k run 20k bic 2.5k run ) I started for trainning it. I do not know how i can achieve it. But, let’s see.  UK is since December, just rain after rain, flooding, not good condition for outside sports now. hope, everyone is keep moving , going activities.  I am very pleased many more members are joining to Hip runner.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Naoko-Merry Christmas to everyone

Hi, How are you getting on everybody?  Today is 12 weeks after operation.  Today is Christmas eve, UK is rain , strong wind, very stormy. But, When I woke up this morning, my mind said “I want to try to run 10k on the road that I used to do ( about 6 months ago) . After operation , I was very very careful, try to be patient . ( my surgeon said ” He cemented stem part, but, not acetabular’s part) I have to give it chance amalgamate my bone and metal. It will take 3 months to 1 year ?   These days , I started to very slow jog on off road 5k , swimming 1.5k , stable bike riding, treadmill 5k . I felt my muscle started to recover . maybe, strong enough to jog 10k.  Anyway, I did it!   I was very careful , very steady speed, No struggle, No pain. ( I feel a bit muscle pain) This progress is my best Christmas present to me.  If my surgeon found out what I am doing , sure, He will be furious?  He said to me Running is NO NO NO!  I really show , approve THR people sill can run without wreck component one day. I read McAlpine’s book , read Tom and other’s reports. I am more than pleased to find this web site. tommorrow is Christmas, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE  !  People are different, everybody can’t follow other do, but, When the time arrive , your mind will tell you. I want to jog , run . Listen your body is very important.   Forgot to tell you , my 10k jog? or run ? today was 1 hour 7 minutes. ( I went to back to the beginner) I used to run 52 minutes , sometime 49 minutes. I felt I am like tortoise now. But, I have to say still early recovery stage, I can still enjoy my favourite sport .  I will try to report my progress by time by time.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Naoko – Hi, hip runner everybody

I am new comer, My name is Naoko Mckinnon . I am 55years old. I had my THR operation 7th October 2013. Nearly 10 weeks had gone. I still remember previous day before operation , I tried to my favourite sea side walk, I could hardly walked.  When I finished operation , maybe 3or 4 houres later, He asked me How I feel , I replied “Great!” No more pain ! I felt really fantastic.  Everybody got it through this experience must be the same ? ( My pain was bad shot , lost 8 pounds)  I was born as both dislocated hip baby. When I was baby, I could not stand , walk . Somehow a Japanese doctor fixed them.  Once, fixed them , I became very active child , always zooming around.  I like fresh air, love to do triathlon, running , water sports, skiing, etc.   In UK Olympic game was on 2012, I was so excited it. I participated more than 30 races that year.  ( London 10k race, plymouth half marathon, London triathlon, some race, I was the 1st in my age group. I was very pleased. ) But, 2013 I started feel something wrong my groin area , very sharp pain during the race, even easy 5k , I started to struggle to run . Found out hip OA , I went my surgeon , discussed my condition, made my decision , of course, my surgeon advised me “NO MORE RUNNING”  I agreed it. But, I knew some people are still running somehow after running after operation, One of gentle man is still running 50miles per week, He did 3 marathons after operation . I am sure, some how We can do it. I read McAlfine’s book another day. It was very useful. My mind said I want to do Santa Run , I already did it ( just 10 weeks after OP) , but very careful jog. I went to see my surgeon 6weeks check up , He said to me ” you looks fine. I don’t need to see you till one year … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)