Sorry it has been awhile but I’m back. Physical therapy(2 more sessions and I am done), the trainer, running coach and travelling to Vancouver have kept me pretty busy. Oh yes and add work into the mix… I remember a time when my money went to dining out now it goes to the above and new sneakers. Now to running…

Today I ran my first 5K since my surgery. My hip and leg felt great but my stamina wasn’t. I was very pleased however as I was not fast before as my personal best was a 33min 5k and today I ran 35.15… I actually didn’t look at my pace but went by the way I felt. I did 5mins run/1min walk. I am starting week four of my half marathon training. It is a beginners one so mileage is not bad. I am still dealing with some sciatic nerve issues post surgery but is slowly getting better. I do have some quad pain on that leg that seems to bother me when I engage all the muscles in that leg and then get pain on release. Don’t know if anyone else has that. I read Allistair article and that has helped me. I was a heel striker and now had to learn to mid strike, keep feet under my hips and lean forward. Hence the new shoes and the running coach. I settled on buying the Newton shoe which was expensive but helped me transition to mid strike. Now just have to get out during the week to get my mileage in and increase my stamina. So far so good. It is true that each month gets a little better.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Nancy- Week 10 report

I am an RN and was diagnosed 6 years ago with hip impingement. I had very little pain but mobility and IT band problems were an issue. When I finally saw a surgeon specializing in hip preservation it was decided surgery was my best option. At the time we were not sure if it would be hip repair or hip replacement depending what the hip looked like once in.  As it turned out my hip was much worse than what the MRI or x-rays showed. My surgery was on June 4, 2013 and it was a total hip replacement.  I worked out right up until my surgery and was on a cane only 2 days post op and was improving well except for a slight sciatic nerve complication which is resolving slow but sure.

On to the running stuff!!

I would call myself a recreational runner preferring short distances. I did run my first half marathon in Jan 2012. I am scheduled to run another one in Jan 2014 (Disney World). It is a very easy course and I don’t care about the time. My surgeon gave me his blessing to run. Last week I went out and tried to do a slow 1 min run/5 min walk for 2 miles. My hip hurt where I have had no hip pain throughout physical therapy. I decided to go back to walking and increasing my distance and will try again to run in a bit. Walked 3 miles on Sat and felt good (or at least both sides of me hurt evenly). I am continuing w PT as I feel I can improve quicker. My surgeon is very well known in this field (from Philadelphia area) and stated I could go back to doing everything I wanted.,

Back to therapy tomorrow (squats, treadmill etc!!)… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)