Nancy N. – About me.

Countdown – 22 days until my THR /posterior!  I am more than ready – The last time I was able to run was in January 2014.  I am very grateful for having found this site and all the positive feedback – My first doctor wanted to do the anterior approach and told me I’d never run again.  Second ortho said he’d have me running next summer and prefers the posterior approach.  Needless to say I am opting for the longer recovery.

I started running in earnest only last year, and completed my first 10K in September. An amazing accomplishment for this 58 year old.  I continued running until the pain from what I thought was a pulled groin muscle sent me to my general doctor, followed by a referral to PT, and ultimately an ortho referral – Degenerative arthritis and bone spurs – lots of bone spurs.  It’s been difficult to accomplish so much then have this major setback.

Finding this site has given me hope, and I thank everyone for their posts.

Updates post-op will follow ~ and anything interesting in between that may come along –

Until next time fellow runners!!

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