Dental visits

I am curious whether any other hiprunners get different advice about taking antibiotics before every dental visit? My Dr. says I need to do this for life for every visit (cleanings, fillings, etc.). Last week I had a cleaning and the prescription I got was 4 tablets of amoxicillan (2000mg) which I had to take all at once an hour before the appointment. The dentist says I am low risk because I keep up with my dental care and don’t have any apparent issues. I do need one small filling and have to go back in a couple more weeks to get it filled – meaning another 2000mg of amoxicillan. I emailed my Dr. to see if there was any new guidance and to let him know my dentist thought I was low risk. He said the same thing – I have to do this for every visit for life. This is driving me crazy! It’s so bad for the digestive system. It’s hard enough to keep the good “bugs” healthy without killing them off periodically. Is anyone not taking the antibiotics or getting different advice?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

One year!

Well… plus a couple of days – wow how time flies! I just checked and my last blog post was about a month post op! My one year follow up with the surgeon was good – xray looks great with bone ingrowth and alignment as it should be. A lot has happened in the first year although I have to say that I thought I would be running more by now.

I do have many accomplishments that I am thankful for: Many good bike rides including a 50 miler last month; Two triathlons including one Olympic Distance in late August; Many hikes with the highlight being an 18 miler up to the base of Half Dome and back down (in Yosemite National Park), also during August.

My running has been a bit more sporadic because honestly, it just doesn’t feel quite right yet. I tend to favor trails more than roads and did work up to one trail half marathon in June, although there was hiking involved. I am currently running once or twice per week. One of the weekly runs is with my run club and is on streets downtown. It’s only 3 miles but I don’t think I would like to run more than that on pavement right now. The muscles and ligaments don’t feel 100% healed yet. I’m sure it’s partly my own fault as it’s been an incredibly busy year for me and I haven’t spent the necessary time on strength building. My best pace is a bit under 10min miles so far.

Last weekend I got to meet up with Tom and Dave Whiteside and learned that they didn’t feel like they hit their stride until later either. Both of them have some great accomplishments with hip replacements so I am encouraged and just need to be patient. I will work on ways to fit more strength/core work in and try to be more consistent. Dave also suggested icing which I haven’t done since the first couple weeks after surgery. I am hoping to get back to mileage more in the 25-30/week range next year … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Michele – 4 weeks + 1 day post op

I started working full time a week ago Monday (just before 3 weeks) and it’s been really busy trying to get back into the routine and get caught up! I kept meaning to post earlier but time just slipped by each day.

I switched from crutches to a cane about the same time (Sunday before). I’ve been getting around easily on the cane but don’t feel real comfortable without it. I tried walking with trekking poles (3 times now) for about 1/2 mile. Although it was nice to get outside and walk a bit, they are definitely not at supportive as a cane. I’ve noticed more achy soreness after doing it. Lately my surgery side knee has been bothering me a lot. I am definitely putting some pressure on the cane to reduce the weight on that side. It’s been worse this week than last week so I kind of feel like its a bit of a step back. I’m guessing it’s just from trying to move ahead too quickly with some activities?

I’ve done the bike trainer a few times too and that actually feels much better than the trekking poles. I keep it in the lowest gear and just spin easily. The hardest part is getting on and off the thing. I’m using my mountain bike instead of my road bike because the center bar is lower to get over. I tried the elliptical twice for a very brief time (5- 10 minutes) just to get the feel of it. That actually didn’t seem to bad either.

I’ve gone to yoga twice (we just put on a video in our conference room at work a few times a week). I was very careful to only do poses that didn’t put pressure on my hip. Downwards dogs seemed fine and I really felt like I needed that hamstring stretch! I’m also still doing the basic PT exercises they gave me in the hospital.

I have to say that I thought the hip would feel better at almost a month out. I know that I have to be patient and … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Michele – 2 weeks + 2 days post op

Each day is getting a bit better but I will sure be glad to ditch these crutches! Many of you have talked about ditching them after a week, maybe less but doctor is adamant about me using them for 3 full weeks (only 50% weight bearing on the operative hip). I had my first post op appointment with the PA on Tuesday and he reiterated the 3 week crutch rule. So Monday or Tuesday I will switch to a cane. I can then put 100% weight on it but need to use the cane until there is no noticeable limp in my gait. I did cheat and go to the grocery store by myself on Sunday with just a cane (needed the other hand to push the cart). My husband said I should have used the motorized carts they have, but I couldn’t do it! This was my first time driving too and it was no problem. The handicap parking permit is handy too!

I did finally get the bandage off at the Dr.’s office and got to see the incision for the first time, after 2 weeks. It seems to be healing well. He used glue on the outside, so no stitches or staples to remove. There are 6 layers of stitches from the hip capsule out but they dissolve. I have no pain!! That is the best part. Surgery site is still a bit sore and achy but nothing major. I take Tylenol a couple of times a day and ice it about once per day now.

I’ve been going up and down our set of stairs a few times a day (16 steps each way) and walking outside to check the mail (about 200 meters each way to the mail box and back – downhill, then back up). I also tried the treadmill a couple of times by planting the crutches on the side bars while turning it on 1mph. Not sure how smart that was but I was anxious to get some motion going. Walking outside was wasn’t something I wanted to jump into right away … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Michele – 1 week post op

Well I am exactly 1 week from getting my new hip and I think it is going well! My husband was home with me the day I came home from the hospital (last Thursdsay) and my daughter flew in later that evening. She stayed until around 4:30pm yesterday so today is my first day home alone. I am getting around pretty well on the crutches. My biggest issue is trying to carry things with them. It hasn’t been a huge challange but more of an annoyance. I have a drawstring bag from Spokefest that use to carry some things (just sling it over my shoulder). It doesn’t work that great for glasses of things to drink or a plate/ bowl of food. I’m supposed to use the crutches for 3 weeks so I have 2 weeks to go. My rules are: No more than 50% weight bearing on the operated leg for 3 weeks, don’t let the operated leg go behind me (always step forward with it first or if backing up, start with the good leg), and no twisting or pivoting.

The pain is not bad now. The first couple of days after surgery, it was pretty bad but it’s getting better. I’ve reduced the oxy’s quite a bit already. I take 2 before going to bed so I can sleep well and that has really helped. I’ve had a lot of good sleep the first week. Yesterday and today I took one in the morning as I felt a bit sore when I woke up but didn’t take any more until bedtime yesterday. Will do the same today. I’m hoping to wean off them completely by the weekend.

I’m not sure how much walking I’ve been doing because I don’t have a way to measure it but just walking around the house as needed (which is fairly often). I did my first set of stairs today. I haven’t needed to do stairs since we live in a Ranch style house with a daylite basement and I have everything I need on the main floor. Today, I went downstairs, … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Michele – Home and so many pills!

They finally released me Thursday (day3) after I was able to demonstrate walking on crutches down the hall a bit, get in and out of the shower and a car. I sure felt like an old person when they wheeled me to pharmacy to pick up 7 bottles of pills! Geez – really! Two of them were vitamins though ( C and iron). Then there was Celebrex, Senokot (stool softener), Xarelto (blood thinner), oxycodone aspirin for after the Xarelto was done. I’ve never had so many pills to take! I’m already trying to wean myself off the oxy – taking the lowest dose (1 pill) and gradually extending the time between them. I’m getting around the house pretty well with crutches and can see where I’ll be tempted to ditch them soon. One of my rules is 50% weight bearing on the surgery hip for 3 weeks. I’m supposed to use the crutches for 3 weeks! I will try to comply because I to make sure it heals.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Michele – 1st Day

Checked in at 6am for my 8:30 surgery.  I had the spinal tap to numb me from the waist down instead general anesthesia but they gave me something else ( can’t remember what) so I wouldn’t be aware in the operating room.  I don’t remember any of it thank God!

Recovery room and then in my hospital room by 11:30am.  Felt no pain the first day but did have nausea.   I did have soup for lunch but a bit later when I tried to sit up and get ready to try the walker  it all came back up.   I was able to do all the PT exercises in bed, just couldn’t sit upright to try walking :(.


Later  I ate a few bites of dinner but just sitting up to eat made me throw it back up again. The PT said it might have something to do with low blood pressure. Anyone else have this?



 … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Michele M – about me

Hi fellow hiprunners!  So glad to have a group that understands what I am going through – thanks Tom!

I’ve been for running 20 years (started when was I was 30). I ran my 1st marathon 1999, 2nd in 2001 and then decided I wanted to qualify for Boston to run it for my 40th birthday.  in 2003 I ran the St. George marathon in 3:40 and qualified.  in 2004 I ran Boston 2 weeks after I turned 40.  Then I took 4 years off marathons and ran my 5th in 2008.  It kind of took off from there – as of last October (2014) I had run 40 marathons (10 last year).  Yes, I am a marathon maniac!  I was working on collecting the states – got up to 19.

My hip bothered me a bit the past couple of years but I attributed to normal running pains and didn’t think much of until it started getting worse last summer.  The problem with marathons (and collecting states) is that you tend to schedule them well in advance and can have a bit of money invested in the travel plans.  My last marathon(s) were a double with two states on the line.  I ran one in Hartford, CT on Saturday, Oct 12th and one in Newport, RI on Sunday, Oct 13th.  Saturday was ok but Sunday was pretty painful during the 2nd half.

I went to the Dr. when I got back and got an xray and MRI.  It showed some arthritis but not severe.  I would try to run a few miles once or twice a week and just kept having pain.  By the beginning of 2014 I couldn’t run at all.  The Dr. referred me to an Orthopedic who told me I needed a “scope” surgery to repair my labrum which had tears.  It was a quick couple of hours and off work for two days.  I said great – let’s fix it!  The sooner the better as I have big plans for a marathon in Paris on my 50th birthday in April (and Boston two weeks later).  … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)