4 Weeks After Injection

Hello Everyone.

Whew, have I been busy. Well, the injection went very well. It was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I watched the whole thing on the monitor. The only pain was the initial stick with the needle, and that only burned a little, so it really wasn’t pain. It was so cool to see the ink go into the joint. That was a “wow” moment. lol

My hip felt better immediately after. I could walk up stairs without the joint locking up, I could bend at the waist, and squat thru the hips. I was amazed. I waited two days to give the medication time to do its thing, then I started training again. My first run back after almost three months down went quite well. I was not expecting to run 2 miles at pace. I thought I would have to walk/run. I felt stronger than ever in my run, which is unusual. It was an awesome first run after being down for so long with a hip that just was not cooperating. Now I am back up to my 6 mile training. I feel great, my legs feel great and strong. I didn’t get any injuries such as sore calves or shin splints – which I kept most of last summer, is was horrible- I have been training 6 days a week like I normally do. Its like I never stopped. The extra weight I gained is starting to come off. So I am very optimistic for the summer. Hopefully I won’t have to have another injection before winter–or not at all.

Even thought I will eventually have to have the hip replacement, its inevitable, I am quite happy and relieved at this moment in time with the result of the injection. I honestly did not think it would have gone this well. I am so happy. Hopefully my hip will hold out for many years before surgery.

I will posting back with periodic updates. Keep running everyone. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures, and only a runner can truly understand that. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Lisa – Week Before Injection

Hi Everyone,

First let me say “Thank You” to Tom for his encouraging support and inviting me to be part of the Hip Runners club. When I first found the site and made the initial comments I thought hip replacement was going to be within the next couple of weeks. My sports medicine physician was adamant about the surgery, and did not offer any other options. Because to him there were none. My life was turned upside down for a week and a half waiting to meet with the surgeon who was to perform the procedure. I met with her yesterday. I was was quite nervous, and trying to remember every question I needed to ask. I wasn’t in there with her for two minutes when she informed me that a hip replacement was not an option at this time bc I was not a candidate for it bc my hip situation was not that severe. All of the questions I was going to ask vanished. I had a new set to ask. I was so happy. I could have hugged the woman.

She told me that a steroid hip injection was the first option that she wanted to try and if the hip did not respond well to this method that a hip replacement would not even be beneficial to me at all. I’m still unsure if I really understood that part. I think she meant due to the arthritis that is causing the pain. I will have to get clarity on that. All this time I had thought the bone was catching inside the socket and causing the pain. Well apparently it is the arthritis that is causing this whole ordeal. The injection is scheduled for next Thursday. I hope it doesn’t hurt too badly. That’s a long way to the joint. I am optimistic this will relieve the pain and I can resume my training for the spring and summer races I had planned.

Another option that may be performed is the arthroscopic surgery in order to shave down some the bone that may be catching. So … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)