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Hello! It has been 3 months since my third hip surgery. I now have two zimmer plastic on ceramic. I am able to run now. I can run 10 miles and do a little speed work, but I do not feel great yet. I still am gimpy and weak. I am going to physical therapy and chiropractic / massage therapy. PT is focusing on strength. Every week is an improvement, so I try to focus on that and not compare myself to where I was a year ago. That is the hardest part. Best wishes for good runs to all reading!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Lisad 1 month out from my third hip and 2nd THR

Hi all!


I am so excited at the prospect of running pain free!  I was able to run after my right hip recap(2004) until my left required THR in 2012.  Last month my right hip required a revision to THR.  I have been able to run symptom free for about six months of the past ten years.  I have posted some good PRs: last year 19:34 for 5K 1:31 for half marathon and 40:30 for 10K.  But I always had trouble with my right hip at a certain speed or distance.  It turns out I was having complications from metal on metal and the fact that the ball was not inserted deeply enough into my pelvis.  While the total hip revision was not able to solve my biomechanical distortions, my surgeon is hopeful that the changes he was able to make will improve my running outcome.


I am hoping to start small jogs at 6 weeks.  (two more weeks!!!!)I still have a bit of cramping in my hip flexor, but am able to walk, bike and use the elliptical.

I have been running when able for 37 years.  My daughter is a cross country All American and my husband ran a 2:30 marathon at age 48 this fall in Chicago.  I am a runner.


Best of Luck to All in reaching a quality of life that is not the same without running 🙂

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