jen week 6

Hi!  Doing well had post-op apt yesterday all cleared!   I still am having hip flexor issues guess it takes time but im doing well!  🙂 would like to share a article that came out through New England Baptist I think everyone will LOVE!   If I can get it on here!45852_NEBH   Please take a look at this !  I cant say enough about the Baptist and there physicians they are TOP NOTCH!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Jen week 2

Hi well today is 2 weeks post op!! Doing well walked to the end of my driveway today and i am only using one crutch! I dont need it but its advised!!! I am not in any pain not taking any pain pills just tylonol!! Sleeping is adifferent story I cant get comfortable and I am restless I think because Its such a big adjustment resting all day not used to being so still!!! Other then that I am doing well any suggestions for sleeping better I will be happy to hear 🙂(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


Well I have done my share of researching and I am hopeful that I have made the right decision I am going with the total hip replacement!! I researched the PAO and quite frankly it really sounds like a brutal surgery and recovery but most of all the fact it may not work and also got two opinions I have no cartilage and this surgery everyone says you need to have that!!!     just very confused that this dr said he could still do it!? Weird!! Anyways what made me come to this conclusion today was  the fact I got a call today (Sunday) from the dr who wants to do the hip!! I was highly impressed he called me he said he was wondering if I had any more questions think he felt lil bad ab how the apt went but he was nice to call! I was honest told him I was considering the osteotomy he was concerned he said to think long and hard as I had no cartilage and he did say that’s extremely optimistic of him to do this well that was enough for me to hear!!! I am nervous but with all the posts here I think I am  making the right decision !!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


DSC00011_editedHi !  My name is Jen I am 42 years old and have been running for almost 9 years!  I LOVE TO RUN~!!!  It is my peace and therapy!  The problem is my body does not want me to run LOL!  Two years ago I got a pretty bad injury And had COMPARTMENT SYNDROME!  Well that was FUN lol kidding … it was awful nobody could properly diagnose me It took research on my end and then I took myself to Boston and had pretty much emergency surgery releasing all 8 Compartments both legs!  My pressures in my legs were over 100 normal I believe is like 5-10!  I had done a 5 k the week before because I thought I was going crazy and I couldnt handle pain!  Well I learned alot about myself its quite the opposite I can handle a ton of pain!  So got over that and recovered and running was wonderful again life was great!  Until March of this year ;( I was on the treadmill and felt excruciating pain in my hip not that hip pain was uncommon for me but my hips have always ached!  But this time was different my left hip hurt to the point I could not run at all I tried everything just couldnt! So had a Cortisone shot and went for chiropractor appointments all that stuff nothing helped!  Had MRI and Xray in Boston with a great Dr was excited figured prob torn Labrum he will fix this I will be on my way ummmmm NOT SO MUCH he came out and shattered my world he said Jen I cannot help you I do orthoscopic surgery!  OK….. You need something a little more then that!  And then BAM >>> Hip Replacement he said it and I dont think I heard another word 🙁 not what I expected!  He referred me to a excellent doctor and said please go talk to him he may have something else in mind!  Meantime I call the doctor who did my legs and said who do you reccomend for THR he said the … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)